Marilyn et N°5 – Inside CHANEL

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À la question “Que portez-vous pour dormir?” Marilyn répond ” CHANEL N°5″. Pourquoi Marilyn a-t-elle prononcé cette phrase qui a fait le tour du monde ? Répo…

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eizhowa says:

A size 14 is approx. a modern size us 6, just so you know.

flowerchild467 says:

Marilyn was size 14 and she was and is considered one of the most beautiful women in the world.

goodgolddigger says:


Mercedes Yunqué Villaseca says:

Thank you for such a beautiful video. A true, sincere and elegant tribute to an eternal beauty. ♥

TheUnion says:

this song is too dramatic,loved it!

TheUnion says:

She was amazing woman!
and i really liked this song..can i get the name of it!?

bbrice78 says:

She was so amazing

MermanDarrien says:

is that to say a thin woman is not real? only curvy women are allowed to be real these days? calling a thin woman a corpse is just as hateful as the comment you replied to sweetheart.

Sigrid van Osch says:

u can convert it!

Jenny Wang says:

Thank you! 🙂

xoxFashiionxox says:

fat shaming is just as bad as shaming skinny people. every person is beautiful no matter their weight. Also you dont get to determine what a real woman is and what not.

Ladypurpulhair says:

I was talking about the celebrities in Hollywood.
By the way I am a skinny girl myself with almost non existing curves and I consider myself a real woman
(just not a juicy voluptuous one and that’s fine with me)

MDN .MDN says:

sad… so glamorous girl loved by everyone but never was confident in yourself

Cyber Crystal says:

a real woman shouldn’t be defined by her body shape. a real woman can be skinny or she can be curvy. do you think a really thin girl likes seeing comments about how she isn’t attractive or isn’t a real woman because she’s not curvy?

bobduvar says:

Some drops of Chanel N°5….
She was not nude at all…..

Nectarferraz says:

Such crazy!!!!
Here all kinds of Chanel items: w w w busifanshome com

Miriam Benkhalek says:

it’s AVIA’s “Westernize” 🙂

reservedbelieber says:

I really wish i knew the song in the background, it would go perfect for my project!

TheGLKR says:

Marilyn QUEEN

TygaASIAN xoxo says:

iconic beauty

BitchAssMotherFokka says:

because thin women don’t have curves does not make them less of a woman.

Anne B says:

I wasn’t aware that she killed anyone. Evidence, please?

Cristina Buzac says:

It is not something that I figured, lol you can see it very clear! watch her fat arms at 0:53 min!

sonicsubwoofer says:

But she was a homicidal maniac who had many abortions and died through drug abuse. Think twice.

Gio Marrocco says:

Doesn’t everybody? 😉

King Johan says:

wow you are so humble i want to be just like you

Gio Marrocco says:

Da fuq? How do you figure!? 

Cristina Buzac says:

They are fat! 😀

RoseKamantschek says:

Beutiful song from AVIA.

RoseKamantschek says:

She and her arms were just perfect!!! These kind of comment is from someone who hates natural and yet PERFECT beauty!!!

pop hill says:

her arms are beautiful just like her.

christinaddesign1 says:

This picture of Marilyn Monroe with the Chanel bottle would have made a great ad even now to sell this at the Chanel counters. When Brad Pitt made his commercial for a small $7Mill, the perfume went flying off the shelves like crazy. This has been the #1 selling perfume in the world since the first bottle of Chanel hit the boutiques of France. Sooo many years later and still selling like crazy. I think the Mademoiselle CoCo is the better smelling fragrance and Cristalle. Those r incredible.

analuisadominguez1 says:

Chanel didn’t made Marilyn, Marilyn made Chanel

TheTh3am says:

J’adore ! Cette pub est d’une beauté 3

Katherine Grullon says:


Susie Q says:

westernize by avia

Sarah Spagnuolo says:

Anyone know the song?

maxpate33 says:

Truly beautiful.

FuzzMagnetik says:


SalemMillion says:

Faberge should start making the same ad with Elvis Presley and his Brut and Dean Martin with his Woodhue

ladyloveforevenmore says:

a new high light in my favorite lists ♥ 🙂

olgazhable says:

Nothing personal to Monroe

olgazhable says:

Prostitutes wears Chanel…..№5

KitkatMymy says:

I’ts Avia - Westernize !

Mad Mali says:

What the music ?

志宏 賴 says:


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