Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton [French] – Marc Jacobs Documentary

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Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton, documentary on Marc Jacobs. Commentary is in French.

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RunWayUnderground says:

Merci!!! Thank you for loading this! I wish Mr Jacobs would stop fooling himself thinking he can drink Goji juice and take all those other supplements then eat meat right after. And smoke!!! That’s not one takes herbal/holistic supplements! And the smoking negates everything holistic you put in your body no matter what it is… Just had to say that. Thanx again for posting this, I watched more for the behind the scenes stuff. Meat eating and smoking or not — the clothes are F’ing fantastic!

natalyO9725 says:

Thank you thank you thank you for uploading this!!!

丽姿 刘 says:


Jos Chanel says:

Love this guy

victor dazuric says:

Excellent créateur ! (nb: Vous voulez un livre gratuit ? Tapez « Le dernier jour de classe » sur

Yass In says:

Merci pour le reportage! 

rayndanduran says:

Hi!! I really appreciate u uploading this movie. I do have a favor. Can u upload SEAMLESS if u have it? I’m looking for it for the longest time and im not in the US so i cant see it on netflix…

Jackson Tremaine says:

It’s already available in parts on youtube. Just search ‘Marc Jacobs documentary’ and this very video comes back in the top search results.

Thu Hien Dang says:

thank God I understand everything. Accept for the French part (the youtube subtitle is bad btw)

numetalgirl says:

Im so glad I learned French at school…

Juan Licera says:

looks a little decadent

Tony Huang says:

I hope I could find the English subtitle too, but no luck so far, :(.

NicholasBoodram says:


erryan10 says:

merci beaucoup tony! loic prigent!

cdsabino says:

Anybody know the name of the hot guy with the NY hat at 0:40:46

tenzinxyz says:

english sub please!

Bruno Vazquez Reyes says:

subtitles sil vous plait!

Hugo Matula says:

why on french omg

ivy ginny says:

I would be very very thankful if you turned on the subtitles, that would be great.

fash98 says:

If only u turned on the English subtitles it would have been great! 🙂

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