Manish Malhotra Label | Zween Couture, Doha 2018/19

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#AishwaryaRaiBachchan & #ManishMalhotra unveil #ZweenCoutureCollection 2018/19, Doha inspired by the Middle Eastern Culture.

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DimaRakesah says:

Thumbs up for the intro song!

Mohd Naved says:

Aish will come 22:38

You tube says:

Very mundane and monotonous.
No style at all

You tube says:

Manish is very ordinary.
Lucky to be successful

You tube says:

Indian actress will do anything for fame ! Money and recognition

You tube says:

Their hair with red bow ?
Looks awful
Indian actress are so fat not fit for modellng

Mahnoor Ayaz says:

Few of the male and female models are Pakistani❤😊

Women's Wear Fashion Catalogs says:

I liked this portion of this video from 1:05 💖🙂😮💗❤❤💖

Yotomuqdad Alkicy says:


Saima Parveen says:

Shabbir Alam ka child Kota kotea no kiswar kota kotea ma bap ki

Saima Parveen says:

Bhi nhi bap nhi Mama nhi ammi sa asked that it's shabir sa Jo kabbir sa

codenamerishi says:

aishwarya <3 mindblowing beauty

галина россия says:

Очень красивые модели.

A SN says:

As usual elegant, classy, spectacular, mind blowing!! 👏👏

Maggie Sue says:

The camera is so far away you can't see the glorious detail you know is there! So disappointing!

Fahamida Akhter says:

Want to buy .

فاطمة علي says:

Jvinbuu cjtn ifku UK jothjl fhtcjt ktvmr jcyt jgyjny hyrgh oygbj titcj burgh 💔😔

Staylish Je Staylish Je says:

They can't compete with the Pakistani designer's collection…(.even on fabric)

sannia fatima says:

Am I the only one who found ash dress to be the worst among all?

Shriti Singh says:

Aish mam is just amazing

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