Maison Christian Dior – Sophie Vouzelaud

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Model, actress, and writer Sophie Vouzelaud first came into the public eye when she won the Miss Limousin title in 2006. She was then voted the first runner-up in Miss France 2007 contest. Deaf from birth, she speaks sign language and has also learned to speak and lip-read. She published Miss et source! (A beauty queen and deaf!) (2008), appeared in the film The Perfect Date (2010), took part in Dancing With the Stars on TF1 (2015), and in La robe de ma vie (the Dress of my Life) on M6 (2017).

The smells of the sun, the sea, and the sand give her confidence. Gracious and luminous Sophie Vouzelaud draws on her memories to give us an incredibly poetic description of her olfactive sensations. Her arms whirl through the air as her hands emphatically sign the importance of childhood smells. “If there is no smell, there is no love!” she says.

Sophie Vouzelaud chose “Jasmin des Anges” perfume

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