Maison Christian Dior – Pierre Banchereau

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In record time, Pierre Banchereau, the Debeaulieu florist, has become sought after in the fashion and luxury world for his signature creations. Inspired by Flemish painting as much as the vases and decorative objects he collects for his flowers, his poetic bouquets have already illustrated four Maison Christian Dior fragrances: Sakura, Lucky, Rose Gipsy, and Souffle de Soie.
His bouquets are poetry, yet he himself prefers citrus scents. Pierre Banchereau is the florist at Debeaulieu, named for his beloved grandmother. He vividly recalls the smell of her hairspray and the golden colour of her hair. Each of his precise movements is imbued with elegance, and this stylish Parisian aspires to make a French skill live on, in a modern way.

Pierre Banchereau chose “Balade Sauvage” perfume

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