Maison Christian Dior – Charlotte Le Bon

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The pretty Quebecois actress, who is also a talented illustrator, began modeling at the age of 16. She was then the spirited Miss Météo on the Canal plus Grand Journal programme, before going on to appear on the big screen in Asterix and Obelix: God Save Britannia by Laurent Tirard in 2012. This was followed by roles in France and abroad in “Mood Indigo” by Michel Gondry, “Yves Saint Laurent” by Jalil Lespert, and more recently, “The Promise” by Terry George.

Does space have a smell? The poetic and passionate young actress revisits smells that have touched her with compelling frankness. She is gracious and bubbly, telling us that she loves white summer flowers, the memory of the Monoï oil that her mother used, and the scent of wooden pencils from her childhood. She also humorously detects a scent she adores in her own sneezes…

Charlotte Le Bon chose “Thé Cachemire” perfume

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