MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ Watch Collection: Camellia Decor – CHANEL

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Mademoiselle Chanel loved the delicate elegance and subtle milky color of the camellia, making it her favorite flower. Often reinvented, always unique, the c…

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Celina De La Luna says:

so lovely! luxury brands are expensive because human hands took time and
love to make it.Having said that, i just saw the price tag on this-
$41,600 dollars…sweet mother, i could never spend that on a watch, other
things yes, but not a watch. this is luxury.

Origami Twist says:


SubobaDoll says:


이주영 says:

so beautiful!

Cammy Schinner says:

Proud my name is Camellia !

priscillajonas says:


Camila Bragança says:

OMG, so beautiful, I’m speecheless.

Picotee810 says:

Oh my! so lovely…

Gabriel Spinelli says:


Alice EIEI says:

La vache :0

3foreverGiGi3 says:

So exquisite and delicate and beautiful

julia7810 says:

This is my fav <3 They're all beautiful of course

SubobaDoll says:

I want

SubobaDoll says:


Mounalisa la prestigieuse says:


Vorfreude16 says:

… Il faut être patient pour faire ça 

Omer Rondel says:


Eventus says:

Artesanía en estado puro: Mademoiselle Privé de Chanel.
Pure handicraft: Mademoiselle Privé by Chanel.

Andrey Bogdanov says:

MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ Watch Collection: Camellia Decor – #CHANEL

Ads & PR says:

MADEMOISELLE PRIVÉ Watch Collection: Camellia Decor – #CHANEL

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