Mademoiselle – Inside CHANEL

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Coco becomes Mademoiselle. In Chapter 6 of Inside CHANEL, discover Mademoiselle’s journey from a young girl to an acclaimed couturière. Her passions, her suc…

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Lovelessinhell says:

8 fingers, 2 thumbs

aviasoundsystem says:

The music is “Sovereign”, by Avia. Hear it on Soundcloud…

aviasoundsystem says:

The music is “Sovereign”, by Avia. Hear it on Soundcloud…

Georg K. says:

adds never been more beautiful

Robin Booth says:

Always loved chanel

Taylor Turner says:

8 fingers?

xXDashieArmyXx says:

i dont know, im sorry

Patricia Caudill says:

Chanel always brought true classic chic.

Nikolay Dontsov says:

realy cool

Amal Abutaleb says:

The information contained within

funkymunkykisses says:

Not to mention the fact she fired most of her Jewish factory and shop employees. I am in love with her ability to have pushed for a revolution in fashion, but one can simply not ignore that she sided with the nazis. It is a shame, but still love Chanel nonetheless.

Valentin Thibeaux says:

Music ? 

дима грундан says:

she made the name of the woman symbol ,not a servant

Tamimah Nazim says:

loved it!

SheerGritBeauty says:

Chanel, through the ages, the gift that keeps on giving.

Someday Shabby says:

Love it!

dsno103246 says:

Does anyone know who composed this music?? would love to know thank you!!!

LaSerpentaCanta says:

lol true

galo cruiz says:

Lov it!!!!

Lucía Guerra says:

Es hermoso el vídeo. Ya espero el próximo. I wait for the chapter 7 🙂

Ana Paula Paula says:


mercedes roldan says:

Me encanta, precioso.

bigdaff says:

She was born in Russia. So while not of Russian heritage, she is in fact Russian.

sweetdiesel says:

The English captions are not working

mala Vm says:

a beautiful video…….

BlackMackNYC says:

Once upon a time I was so moved by your work Karl.

sloth94 says:

Misia Sert WASN’T RUSSIAN. She was half Polish half French

M.K. Outland says:

It’s fashion and vanity. But damn, should have shone light on the SS connection. I want an honest historic on Coco, not this sugar-coated one 🙂

Sara Thomas says:

Love this

Soraya Tsantilis says:

Love the videos!!!!!!really Welldone!!!!

Soraya Tsantilis says:

An extraordinary woman!!!! Inspired by things and people around her she knew how to creat something new and unique!!!Brilliant!!!

DS1981AS says:

La voix est celle de Lisa Eldridge?! :)

Judi Carnable says:

beyond artistry and perfection……….absolutely a beautiful video.


These videos are just wonderful…!!!

elizabeth shannon says:

Beautifully done. Ah, to have known her…I get the chills whenever I enter 31 Rue Cambon.

By Juliet says:

Artistically beautiful 

Ivcouture says:

Love it

Ex makina says:

Such an amazing design team at chanel. This video is exquisite but so modern with the techniques. x

fannywalker says:

What an incredible earned life of love and beauty . . .

Moniiz Turneer says:

Love it OMG

dee12tash says:


Boy Capel says:

just beautiful

Dean Hadley says:

they even did that with the Coco movie with Shirley McLean

Devyn Baldeux says:

The video didn’t get that far, She didn’t start the affair with Hans Gunther von Dincklage until 1941 a bit after returning to Paris.

Muylinda33 says:


Angela Maria says:

Muito bom

ChristianvonGoth says:

Misia Sert is Polish <3

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