Mac Baren HH Old Dark Fired: A Tour with Per Georg Jensen –

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Here Sykes tours the Mac Baren pipe tobacco factory in Svendborg, Denmark, and gets a brief lesson in what makes HH Old Dark Fired so special, courtesy of Pr…

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rehfeldttw says:

Being a fan of Mac Baren tobacco for a long time, I really enjoy watching these videos. Hopefully one day I get to visit the factory. Do they also sell Mac Baren tobacco at the factory?

F. Sykes Wilford says:

Glad you liked it!

BrotherBoontar says:

I think ODF is in my top 5 favorite tobaccos at the moment for sure.

TheRolfiden says:

Cool vid!

Sirchud68 says:

Really want to try it!

ronringo1970 says:

I purchased a tin of “Old Dark Fired” through you folks a few weeks
and it blew my socks off, best smoke I have dried to date!! I need
to order more sInce it’s the only baccy I’m smoking!! Thank You!!

F. Sykes Wilford says:

There’s a machine that does it, but it’s not really much to see since it sort of goes over the tin, does the seal and then that’s it. You may have seen it in previous videos we’ve done and not really realized it because there’s just not a whole lot to see.

TampaPipeSmoker says:

One thing I don’t understand is I have seen videos of the workers just putting on the lids to the tins by hand. What happens next to make sure the tins are vacuumed sealed? I have never seen that process.

TampaPipeSmoker says:

Absolutely the first thought I had when they showed the storehouse!

4570sharps says:

Man, being in that place must smell amazing!

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