M7 by Yves Saint Laurent (Vitange) – Fragrance Review #14

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My take on this oriental oud based scent. Very warm and powdery but with a masculine touch to it.

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john smith says:


ManLovesCologne says:

I have two samples of M7 and I have a small decant of the Oud Absolou. What do you think the two compared together? Might do a first impressions video of the two now that I’ve watched yours. I love the idea of this fragrance. Thanks for the review!

Fragrance Wires says:

Still have not smelled M7! Gah!

Scent Times says:

thank’s man! Honestly if you can sample both it’s a great thing.. sometimes people hype the “vintage” form for no big reason. But than again, I haven’t smelled the new one

Scent Times says:

I like it, but don’t have a bottle of it yet

Scent Times says:

It’s an Emporio Armani watch!

CreedFragz34 says:

Never smelled it yet. Still trying to find a 100 ML bottle. They all have 11 ingredients though. Hope I get it soon. It has to have only the 4 ingredients. That’s the one to get. Great vid bro.

lionofgod9 says:

fart yourself

Jacob Bonilla says:

Good review.. you don’t like D&G PH??

wagsbass says:

not crazy about oud. i like subdued ouds like Oud Wood by Tom Ford. Never tried this and may never get a chance to smell this frag.

kkoun says:

Hi. What watch is that?

Scent Times says:

Sorry I dont really buy stuff I dont like

lionofgod9 says:


Scent Times says:

Not at all!

Scent Times says:

Actually it’s D&G’s By Man not Pour homme 

CarlosBernardo10 says:

Hey man is this anything like fahreheit absolute?

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