M7 by Yves Saint Laurent Fragrance/Cologne Review (2002)

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I take a sniff of M7 from the Yves Saint Laurent line. This jewel from the YSL line has a cult following and it’s well deserved. Timeline : (1:55) Presentati…

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King Reds says:

I own the original formula…and the shit is potent…my wife hates it, i love it,BUT, only after it settles down and you can smell the cherry and powder coming to the forefront. The oud is a beast!!!

CorruptedRabbits says:

i just bought a decant of this, and I can tell I’m waaay to young for this lol.

TheRedPersian says:

I absolutely love this stuff! M7 is my favorite fragrance of all time! It is such a mysterious, complex fragrance. It makes me feel wealthy, sophisticated, sexy, and mysterious. The best part is the dry down. Best dry down ever! The powdery, sweet, incensy, cherry oud vibe is phenomenal. This is my favorite winter scent. By the way, you are the best fragrance reviewer on YouTube!

0Pontifex0Maximus0 says:

mmmh…i don’t know. I have the vintage formulation and i don’t care for it very much. I like Montale’s Aoud Cuir d’Arabie much better.

mido4life says:

hi Marc, I am just wondering how you compare this to Oud Absolu? are they quite similar?

retrospect77 says:

I like the original M7 but haven’t tried the reform so can’t comment on the version available now. The original’s a strong scent but it does have a kind of middle aged woman’s perfume vibe to it. Definitely a cool / cold weather fragrance. Not an obvious instantly lovable smell but could work as something unique that a woman could fondly associate with you

disconnect666100 says:

I just got a bottle that is completely amber on all sides (vintage), yet the box still lists 13 ingredients. Maybe they were still making early reformulations with the vintage style bottles? It’s beautiful, but wouldn’t be surprised if it’s reformulated because it’s definitely not the power house I expected. Projection actually seems quite tame. I’m tempted to use many more sprays =/

1988rithanya says:

its M7 Fresh!

1988rithanya says:

I saw M7 in one of the stores near my place.. its packed in a golden, i mean gold colored box.. the bottle looks similar but in a lighter color :/ strange right? someone help.. can I buy this for my friend?

Jonathan Bartholomew says:

Tom Ford is always a good formulator*. M7 is in my top fall fragrances. Period. This scent has so many melodies in the scent. The oud is outstanding and the woody scent is great. It’s a brick when it comes to presentation, but the scent is not boring at all.

Jonathan Bartholomew says:

Tom Ford is always a great formulation.

LeEgoisteNYC says:

This is an absolute fantastic review of a YSL masterpiece. So relieved to find a YT reviewer who gives credit where credit is due. A true reviewer would appreciate this scent for the work of art that it is. Thanks for the honesty.

Ahmed Jaber says:

have u tried the new bottle, the black square one?

Al Koot says:

Hey Marc, could you please do a review of the new designer Tom Ford ‘Noir’. Eagerly awaiting for it.

LegaNordTUBE says:

The reformulated worth nothing. look for the original and pay what they ask you for, this scent is more value than a Creed.

LegaNordTUBE says:

Do you know that the first version contained real agarwood oil purchased by YSL in stock at a special rate in 2001, before the release of this exceptional perfume? If you shake an original old bottle note on the bottom to move a mist of deposit, typical of the behavior of real Oud oil! Original M7 is Precious and Great!

LegaNordTUBE says:

I’ve a rare box as yours outside but inside it is completely brown glass, so I think you should read to identify the number of production, until 2007 is the original. 2008-2010 is the second light version (not the fresh one but the reformulated). The actual Oud is without value. Anyway Good Job! 😉

ash4245 says:

I have heard it has been reformulated and people compare it to M7 fresh. Is the reformulation still as good as the old??? and I have agarwood like dirty english is this worth buying too???

evildead2002 says:

The original vintage version to this is nuts, my partner used to wear it. Its strong, fills the room, smells thick, and amazing in the winter stands out a mile. The oud smells more oily and real the newer versions do smell a tad lighter and synthetic. Its still an amazing scent.

killleeerrr85 says:

Hi Mark. I love your reviews. Can you do a review of some Davidoff’s perfumes? I heard very good opinions about Silver Shadow and Silver Shadow Private. I’ll be very gratefull if you do review about one of them. Especially that on all youtube isn’t any review about that cologne.


PlayaYoungThugz says:

How about a best fruity frags? i loove weekend, lascote red, happy and so on.. you could do a a best spicy and so on

Jean-Maurice Bicard says:

A thick mustache hahaha I’m LMAO! 🙂

Jean-Maurice Bicard says:

Medecinal but in a sinthetic way. I like M7 but not as much as Montale bottles.

Dorian Gray says:

Hi Marc! I stared following your reviews and I have to tell you that right now you are the best out there. Keep up the good work! Do you have Chic for Men from Carolina Herrera in your collection? Would you make a review if you have the cologne? Please.

Bobby Lane says:

I just bought a mini of this on ebay, I like this scent a lot. Im in London and its virtually impossible to get now. I will keep an eye out though….

deinkopfstinkt says:

i went yesterday to a special parfume sstore near my apartement and i asked for M7
but they only had M7 fresh, what an irony


Marc, always the best reviews! Thank you!!

MrTmgx says:

What you think about Lalique Pour Homme Equus ?

jhowardgreenthumb says:

Loving all your reviews man. Keep up the great work

deinkopfstinkt says:

Yesterday i floun a store where they have m7 fresh!

TheFashionbugs says:

The Master reviews a Masterpiece!

KJaems says:

Oo! I notice you have Kouros in the background. It will be interesting to hear your review on it whenever you have time 🙂 I already sniffed it, but i’d really just like to hear your opinions on it 😀

davherex says:

I own the original formula. Gorgeous fragrance. A masterpiece.

saeidhakimi says:

I tried this ones, it was horrible, I mean disgusting!! Syrupy and medicinal.

8rk7 says:

Kendrick Lamar is an interesting guy! Thanks for letting me know about the free EP!

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