Louis Vuitton x Christian Louboutin Collaboration Bag Unboxing

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brentwood B says:

LV is affordable? Trish, you are out of touch with the world. I think you
are depressed and binge eat because your life is not fulfilling. Buying
expensive items, eating lots of food, and making money only is satisfying
for a short period of time. Why don’t you go back to school or donate your
time to help people. You have a job that gives you a lot of free time. 

MsLegalRegal says:

this bag is UGLY im so sorry..lolol my Avon bag looks ten times better

Kristina Drew says:

Me and my bf have a long distance relationship and cant afford to live
together, we almost broke up because of it, its very hard for us. Lol that
bag could pay an apartment for us for like 7 months! Gosh darn it………

Valorey J says:

It’s called VACHETTA leather. Not PATINA leather. Patina is the “process”
of the leather turning darker with wear and usage. If you’re going to have
a Louis please know what you have

Humera A says:

I buy designer bags but not Louis Vuitton. Simply because I don’t like how
the initials are printed all over to make it extremely obvious to every
single person walking by that it’s designer. In fact, you rarely see A-list
celebs carry it as much. But then again that’s just me, I have a more
subtle attitude, if I’m carrying an expensive item – I don’t want to tell
every single person. 

Gabby B says:

so your wearing a fake engagement ring and wedding band now? 

Jen Gomez says:

Trish it’s hard for people to feel sorry for you when you have so many
expensive things and don’t appreciate them.. When your “internet famous”
and show us all these amazing things and vegas trips then cry about how
your so sad and we are all like why? We would love to have your life! I
think you don’t realize your blessings and are searching for something that
money can’t buy. You have millions of fans and most have 4 close friends
get over yourself 

starbljs says:

Totally kicking myself in the ass for getting a doctorate degree! I will
never be able to afford that kind of lifestyle even with all the education
I have….Which boulevard to I stand on ??

Margemellow says:

I would never walk around with real leather or furr…that’s
horrible…poor animals

Stephanie D says:

Made out of pony she says. Does your brain comprehend what you just said?
And you’re smiling about it like its a big achievement. Wow. 

Romancelovemii says:

i wonder how many animals sufferd for you to get that bag.

swetube2010 says:

There no woman who actually WORKS for her money who will spend 5200 USD on
a stupid bag, It is a typical prostitute behavior. 

Cheyenne Mockobee says:

Omg! $5000+ for a purse?!?! I couldn’t do it. Oh the joys of being single
with no kids. But that would pay a year of my son’s school tuition. Or 7
months of rent for me.

Luanna Ramcharran says:

so here I was thinking that this bag was like $900 and then it turns out
that it’s over $5000. I can only afford one for $20 but F that. I don’t
even think this bag is anything special. It looks like a regular cheap bag
to me, just because of the brand? that’s a sad thing and im not hating,
because she has the money. but……

Anne-Marit van de Kuilen says:

Louis Vuitton bags. One of the things I’ll never understand. Are people
just blind for how ugly they actually are because they’re “designer”, high
quality and expensive? 

Karen Mora says:

Y’all just hating. If y’all had the money y’all would buy $5000 bags as
well. Take a sit haters. Or go to y’all minimal paying job. And this bag
doesn’t look cheep. Obviously you can see the quality of the bad and the
studs and the pony leader. Too bad y’all cheep assed can’t the difference
between something expensive. 

Selena Singh says:

Wow… girls actually spend over $5000 on purses?! My cross bag that I
have, I got from the freakin Dollar Store LOL and I barely even use it. Am
I the only girl who doesn’t like purses in general?.. I don’t see what the
big deal is : 

LogicalDreamer7 says:

It makes me so sad to know that ponies and cows are killed to make fashion
items :'( 

Kitty Cicoria says:

Is it normal for a girl to dream about sex and wake up so horny and wet
with cum in my panties, because I do!! and its makes me feel like I’m half
man lmao!

First of all I have some hott bad cousin, who is in jail now and smokes
weed, his bad type thug and rough, and his just plain straight up sexy!
before he went in jail we used to flirt with each other but couldn’t help
it, in a like friendly way, he would touch my ass and feel me and call me
sexy, his 21 and im 17 but I liked it when he touched me!! weird to the
fact that his my damn cousin I no, but wow, his hot!! so I had a dream
about having sex with im for about 4 hours and I woke up wet!

and I’ve had a 3 times with him.
and I had another sex dream about one of my guy friends about us giving
each other oral and fooling around, and once again I woke up wet.

and for the last dream well there is this hott puerto rican guy who lives
in brooklyn, I live in the bronxx but anytime I go down to brooklyn I see
him and he is alwayss checking me out and I check him out to, sometimes I
just feel like I want to get all my fantasies out about him and just do
him, the dream with him was so real i was on top of him riding him hard and
it was just so deep, the dream was just like wooooooah so real I remember
everything that happened in the dream and I woke up mad horny and wet. the
sex seemed soooooo real and his so hotttttttt!

the thing is i thought only guys dreamt about sex, not girls, now i feel
weird like im not normal or half man lmao!! i doubt it though but yea can
you tell me whats up please.

I always am having dreams about guys who have asked for my number or guys i
flirt with and stuff.
I feel like I need sex, but I dont want to do it with random guys and I
dont want a relationship right now so im confused.
also I am puerto rican but I am realllly into to gangster puerto rican guys
from the bronxx or brooklyn and there all the ones i dream about!!!

Susan B says:

I never comment but this…. Trisha I like ur videos ur very entertaining.
This is just So Silly! Maybe u should donate to ur local shelter n save a
life or 2. Or buy a home or something. I’m gonna have to search u up when
ur older n watch ur regret videos. Simply ridiculous.

WhateverIsTrue01 says:

wait… what happened to feeling cyber bullied?! are you over that now or

Amanda Elizabeth says:

who gives a shit how this woman spends her money! she earned it and if she
wants to spend 10,000 on a purse so what!! everyone splurges on themselves
in some way throughout their life im sure..but if you all hate her and cant
stand her then why do u watch her videos and then take time out of ur day
to comment and argue with other strangers on here????? that is crazier than
buying a 5,000 dollar purse!! LOL..people crack me up. judging someone u
know nothing about is horrible, no wonder we have such a bully problem in
this generation.. its just youtube folks please calm down and stop being so

HKsocko says:

What a beautiful bag. I would love to see a purse collection video. 

Nikki E says:

LV is affordable? Was that a joke? lol

mary ellen santamaria says:

Did she say LV was affordable??!? Come on Trisha

Veronica4u2day says:

OMG i am dying here !!!!
Living for it OMG i MUST have one. How much is it ??????

BlackBarbie101 says:

Louis Vuitton or Micheal Kors? 

mateusz dudzinski says:

lol go to italy u can get a fake bag like this saled by black guys on every
street for 20 euros..

rexandroza says:

My 4 yr old Nine West is enough for me lol. I never liked LV bags. Btw too
many arrogant yuppie ladies on here – god I hate the era im living in.. and
too many ppl nagging about paying rent – Yall are americans and live on
rent?! I don’t get it. Stop with the nagging and what should Trisha spend
her money on. Let this be between her and God. If she can do it yall can do
it too. If you lack the “talent”, then paying for a degree or two is no big
deal, the gov helps, and American colleges are easy – been there done that
– its like paying them to get you a good paying job – that’s how the system
works here. When ure an American in your own country you have no excuses to
be broke unless youre lazy/spoiled.

Scissor__hands94 says:

Everyone has different incomes. What is affordable for her may not be
affordable to others. She’s 25, single, no kids, no nieces or nephews.
She’s enjoying life. Let the girl live. It’s HER MONEY to do with as SHE
pleases. Every single person on earth with ANY type of income has bought
something they didn’t necessarily need but wanted. I swear everyone who is
angry about the way she spends her money is just bitter that they don’t
have her kind of income. How does her spending affect your daily life??
What about the lazy bums who cheat the system and use tax payers money to
live off of? That’s who people should be angry with, those are the kinds of
people who you should be micromanaging, because THAT DOES affect your life
and YOUR money. 

Ivy Truong says:

LV BAGS are so tacky nowadays due to the fact that they are getting so
affordable that every basic birches be getting them. This isn’t luxury
anymore if everybody is buying those bags.

Halle35 says:

Oh Trisha you waste around $5510 dollars on a dumb purse its not affordale
you need to save some money for onec you didnt need it you wanted it +

Zoe B says:

Trisha honey i totally understand you bag and shoe obsession as i have the
same obsessions. But girl t spend over 6000 dollars for a ugly cheap
looking LV bag is mindblowing to me. You should have soend that money on
another chanel bag trisha a chanel bag is the only bag that is actually
worth the money as it is a great investement. You paid even more for this
ugly LV bag. Im sorry trisha 

Ariana Grande says:

Omg its just a bag why would you spend all your money on it

808naty says:

First LV is not affordable, secound I hate it when designers put their
logos all over the bag it just looks tacky, third that’s one ugly bag a
print on the front, some red pony on the back, studs all over eww I
wouldn’t waste a dollar for such a bag. It calls for all the wrong
attention. Lastly I don’t buy bags and least of all designer bags without
zippers. That’s just screaming “I have money come steal my wallet”. 

K Lockheart says:

She said its affordable ? Ummmm i don’t know about that. Haha.

Amy Lavertu Roy says:

I wonder how much that bag was?!? It is beautiful tho

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