Louis Vuitton Wallet Collection Part II

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Read me… :)) Dear YouTuber, This was a requested video/review from: – fitjock1: for wallet collection – MsNinaStyle: for Sarah wallet – Wannainin: for Sara…

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heartsnicky says:

You do speak very very good English x

Bua Wichan says:

I bought the Emily but returned it coz the zipper sits where the top card slots makes it harder to pull the cards out. I got Josephine instead. It is nice

Mary Hanson says:

Your wallet series is incredibly helpful. I recently purchased the Emilie wallet and LVoe it:)!! Thank you for your wonderful videos,

acuity4ever1 says:

This fall they’re going to offer the Zippy Compact (I think I saw it already on the USA website) in Epi leather. 🙂 As always, LOVE your video’s, Nastasia!!

shopolicious says:

Great video!

49ldavis says:

Very nice.

dwgdouglas1 says:

Love your videos Natasia. I just bought my self a totally pm bag and a Emilie wallet plus some Obsession glasses.Your video were really great to see how the products look on another person. Thank you
from Kendra

BeyondTheGlitter1 says:

*fit into

BeyondTheGlitter1 says:

What kind of small LV bags does the Emilie wallet for into?

Carolann Tracy says:

between the zippy compact and the emilie wallet which one holds more . i tend to stiff my wallet and i am thinking of getting one of these wallets . thanks for the videos . i really enjoy watching them .

Carolann Tracy says:

between the zippy compact and the emilie wallet which one holds more . i tend to stiff my wallet and i am thinking of getting one of these wallets . thanks for the videos . i really enjoy watching them .

MSpanders10 says:

Great video thanks so much for all three of them, very helpful!

Angie Ferrara says:

Great video Nastasia! Love it!

Jerseygirl2miami says:

Going to go get me the “zippy” wallet soon!

Jerseygirl2miami says:

Great reviews thanks!

coollittleme says:

Thanks for the reviews. Just got the Sarah Wallet today after watching your review. I really love your reviews!!! How often do you change wallets? Do you coordinate them with the purse design or do you use the same wallet for a certain amount of time? I got the zippy wallet after watching your first accessories collection video and now got the Sarah in Damier Ebene, I eventually want to add some more to my collection and am trying to decide how to make sure I use them all. Thank you 🙂

Mizhershe Ehsrehzim says:

I would’ve loved to get the red Emilie wallet but I’m worried about the button wearing off so I’m opting to get it in DE 🙂

harvinp says:

Hi, just a question about the Emilie wallet. I’m just curious why you chose the Emilie wallet over the Josephine wallet? They are extremely similar and are at the same price point. Just wondering….. Also, could you put the information or the link for your cell phone cover? Thanks!!!! Your videos have been very helpful!!

thatcricket says:

Hi Nastasia! Thank you for the new reviews! AWEOME. But can you show where a Passport will fit in the wallets? I always want to be able to tuck mine into a safe spot in my wallet during travels!

jessm191 says:

Hi Nastasia! I love your videos so much! I just wanted to know where you got your iphone 5 case from? I really like it! Thank you for always doing such a great job with your videos 🙂

cocacola988 says:

Which one is your favorite wallet?

cocacola988 says:

I love your videos!! So excited to see your video pop up in my subscription! Can u review the Sarah and zippy wallet

FindingPeace139 says:

Thank you for your reviews! I’m sold on the zippy compact wallet! I’ve been thinking about which wallet to get for a long time and I was always teetering on the zippy and now I know for sure thanks to your review. Thank you! P.S. Your English is great!

trina roberts says:

another great collection hun , xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

AnnaMarina29 says:

Zippy compact in my <3

Ko Wolter says:

Hi Nastasia, spitzen Review sehr ausführlich! Ich habe vor 2 Wochen Emilie in DE gekauft,was Sehr chemisch nach Kleber riecht,hatte ich so noch nie bei LV erlebt?! LV sagt ich soll es umtauschen…

Lore Baert says:

Sorry, wrong smiley, should have been 🙂 !!!

Lore Baert says:

Great review and you do great with your english! I also love the zippy compact, very practical! My favorite wallet is the portemonnaie viennois! 🙁

ShopaholicBecky83 says:

Bellissimo l’Emilie in monogram… Mi sa che me lo prendo… Sto usando quello in damier ed è un fantastico portafoglio!!! Grazie per le tue review bella!baci

evas1mom says:

Thanks SO MUCH for doing this! I know it was a lot of effort but you were awesome and truly appreciate it:)

SecretMines Fields says:

LOVE your WONDERFUL Collection! congratz!

peacef77 says:

nice review! how did you start to have passion to collect LV? xo

Maria Regalado says:

Superb review Nastasia. Thank you so much for doing this for us. 🙂 I have definitely made my choice. 🙂

Dee Ward says:

Great wallet collection and I think you speak very good english.

Stacy Ray says:

Love your videos!!! Would love all of the wallets!!! So hard to choose!!

KStyleG says:

Another great review! I have the Sarah wallet and love it. Emilie wallet is also very nice! Thank you very much again and look forward to watching your next video. x

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