Louis Vuitton Updated Wear & Tear Sully MM

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OPEN ME::::::::::::::: I’m sorry this has taken me so long to film, but it’s finally here!! An updated review on my Sully MM. At first I’m t…

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arentUlovely says:

Great review.

Elle Gee says:

Great review as always. I think you meant to say it currently retails for
$1,600 not $600 (wish)!!!

Shamil Buxo says:

Love your Sully MM. Nice size !!! Have a great day doll. 

Stephanie Rose says:

I love thiss bag i think more then the artcy 🙂 xoxo 

kikidrunkst says:

Hey hun, what do you think about the LV MONO TOTALLY MM? I want it as a
work/uni bag, I heard it was SUPER comfortable.

Kelly Robinson says:

Great video Minnie.xx

gatorblue11 says:

I like these reviews! The only thing that would make it better would be to
put things in it and maybe do quick modeling shots !

nath chittavong says:
trina leavers says:

beautiful bag huni xoxoxo

MSpanders10 says:

I love my Sully, this bag is so fun to carry. Thanks for a great wear &
tear video. Love your videos.

LVlover cc says:

I love the eyeshades that you are wearing today! What are they??? Gorgeous

Karen Dobson says:

I prefer the delightful thanks for the review.

Celita Guia says:

This is a beautiful bag, thank you for the review! Do you think the MM
would look okay on someone who is just over 5′ tall or would the PM be
better? Have a great Wednesday!!!!

drealvsherhubby says:

I can’t help but notice how beautifully sparkly your make always looks.
Would you ever consider a makeup tutorial? That would be so lovely. Thanks
so much for the bag review. It’s a beautiful lv

Chanel05 says:

Thanks for a really lovely review hun!! It’s a gorgeous bag!! Have a
supernice day!! Xxx

Ana Rita Silva says:

Beautiful bag. Love your videos! Great reviews and you’re so nice and
sweet. :-)

belinda jess says:

Interesting point about the strap. Do you have an artsy? That strap seems
to be in the middle but does move to the side to allow access. 

distressink says:

love it but please do a wear and tear of your empriente artsy thx

Asma Yousaf says:

Minnie do a make up tutorial , love your eye make up . What brand are you
wearing ? 

Lindsay Braxton says:

As always great review! This bag reminds me of a looser Galleria. Thanks
for sharing! 

Shannon C says:

I agree full face makeup tutorial!!

Deidre Rene says:

I love the way the bag drapes/hangs. Beautiful!

Omer Rondel says:

Thanks for the great review.

Chloe Leigh says:

So glad I found your channel xxx from Australia 

Virginia Meehan says:

Great review! I have the same problem with handle it is such a pain when
you are trying to find something quickly. That is the main reason why I do
not carry the bag as much. I have the first version with the thicker strap
I have not had any problems with it. However, the piping on the side of the
bag have become crooked. It does not hold the shape of a straight line.
Have you heard anyone having a problem with that?

sweetmarcipan says:

This bag is really great. :)

FijiChic says:

Great video:) Could you do reviews on a few of your most loved SLGs? 

Da Nads says:

I have that bag too. I got it August of 2013. The more I wear it, the more
I love it

Eric Hill says:

I love your necklace in in video! I think you should get an Artsy, it would
look amazing on you!

Helmi Ulicki says:

Please do a review on your LV Croissant, also what fits in the Croissant.

OLongid1978 says:

Great review & beautiful bag!! Do you think a luggage strap could be
attached to the big gold rings so the bag can be worn as crossbody? I have
the delightful PM and love wearing it that way however, I’m wondering if
the Sully will “fall” as nice as the delightful considering the zippered
top vs the open top. Btw, I know you’ve mentioned you’re keeping this bag
but if you ever decide not to, please let us know! :)

Bianey Rogel says:

Beautiful Bag! :)

Simon Merfeld says:

Hi,what is your eyeshadow brand,love your videos!:)

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