LOUIS VUITTON Unboxing/Reveal Wink* 2015 ♡

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OH This one is Big trust me!!

Please use your google account to enter the google form and fill in the 6 steps for your chance to WIN this Louis Vuitton Keepall 45 from ME!!!!
Thank you so much for all your years of support & love!!
Hope you Enjoy
Thanks for watching

Jerusha Couture 40K subscriber giveaway Terms + Conditions

Prize 100% Authentic LOUIS VUITTON Vintage Keepall 45 Monogram

-Giveaway is open Internationally

-Participants must fill in all questions above.

-Participants must enter all details to be crosschecked.

-You can only enter once and full names will be crosschecked

-This giveaway is open from 21.11.2015 and closes on 28.11.2015 EST 1 week (Eastern standard time)

-The winner will be chosen by all entries put into www.random.org

-The winner will be contacted and verified first, if they don’t respond within 24H another person will be drawn at random.

-I will publicly announce the winner on one of my future videos.

-If you are under the age of 18 you must have guardian permission to issue your postal address when contacted.

-This item will be air mailed to you PACK & TRACK with Australia Post.

-All email addresses entered will go directly into Jerusha Couture subscriber database.

-No Purchase necessary

-No entry fee

-This Giveaway complies with the YouTube community guidelines ­www.youtube.com/yt/policyandsafety/communityguidelines.html YouTube is not a sponsor of your contest and require users to release YouTube from any and all liability related to your contest.

links for great Authentication

My New Site

Fashion Phile blogger

Send me any Subie mail you want
PO BOX 1104

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Items Mentioned
Louis Vuitton Vintage Keepall 45 monogram

Facebook: www.facebook/jerushacoutureblog
Twitter: www.twitter.com/jerushacouture
Blog: www.blogspot/jerushacouture
Instagram: www.instagram/jerushacouture
Show me your Pics on Instagram
My Site www.jerushacouture.com
Mum’s Instagram: Jillian_McGrath_





What I am wearing
Tee- Zara
Jeans-Jeans west
Watch- Guess
Necklace- Susans
Nail Polish- Revlon Checkmate
Arm Candy- Hermes Clic H
Lip pencil- Essence lip pencil in the nude 11 + Colourpop Midi
Lashes- Social eyes ’vixen’

Jenn’s Online Store -http://www.ellandemm.com
CC Mug
Tea Ford Mug
Girl Boss Tee
VOGUE sweater
The Sound track to my videos-http://ccmixter.org/files/blakeht/43140
Jerusha Couture Pouches http://jerushacouture.blogspot.com.au

FTC Disclaimer:
These Items were bought with my own money if the item was gifted it will be listed with an * Strictly All opinions are my own

Music provided: by Covert Keys
TrackTitle: “Just Beginning (Covert Keys Mix)”
Find this Track at : http://ccmixter.org/files/blakeht/43140

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Luxi Roe says:

Congratulations ?? you are so fabulous ! Love watching your videos, cheers !!

Vavielle Schlachter says:

Hey Gurl! It's me, I'm so dang confused with my YouTube/gmail accounts…ugh! Anyhoo, it's me, just sayin you are super awesome to do this for your Subbies , you are the best :)

yvonne0024 says:

I entered! Yvonne Arellano!!

SumseBiene says:

OMG I'm really almost crying. This is the most generous thing I've ever seen. This is so lovely. Thank you babe <3

Lin Stebbing says:

Congrats Jerusha on your 40k+???

Courtney Rose says:

You're amazing Jerusha!! Thank you for being so incredibly awesome and loving your fans so much!! Keep doing your thing because you are beautiful, creative and full of light! 🙂 Muah

yvettemadelaine says:

Oh my goodness, J, you cannot be serious.You are the most generous sweetheart in the world. I have watched you for years, and am unable to afford luxury goods myself, but you let us all enjoy your passion with you.Big massive love from Melbourne and thank you for your channel xoxoxoxox

bricarr93 says:

Congratulations Jerusha- I love that you have remained authentic and not tainted by sponsorship. You can tell how hard you work for what you have and it's great to see a role model in the luxury brand community. Xxxx

victoria est says:

You have a heart of gold Jerusha, and not because you're giving away such an awesome gift for your subbies. Whoever gets it will enjoy it wholeheartedly. We live ve you too, Jerusha, to the moon and back ?❤️?❤️? victoria

Maria Chan says:

It is so kind of you. It is such a generous gesture. God bless u.

Sophie Spain says:

What a beautiful bag xx

amma kayia says:


AlohaNaomi23 says:

Congratulations Jerusha on 40k+ subscribers!!! I am so HAPPY for you!! You are truly amazing!!! Thank you for this awesome opportunity!!!

amma kayia says:


melody910 says:

Congratulations on the milestone! <3 from Canada

Yarden Weitz says:

This is crazy! You are AMAZING! Thank you so much!

BenVoda says:

OMG! I am so excited and you are so so generous in doing this giveaway! Whenever I see a new video from you, i will get so excited too! And I am from Singapore! 🙂

I am so glad that you have reached a new milestone of 40k subscribers, and now standing at 44k!

Zeb K says:

Congratulations! You are amazing and so are your videos! We appreciate you, your effort and your generosity!

ChanelAddict15 says:

You are one of the most genuine youtubers/individuals I've ever had the pleasure of watching. Thank you so much for allowing your subscribers to win such a generous gift. It truly goes to show that you love your subscribers and you have such a big heart 🙂 we love the positive energy you radiate! Stay happy and blessed always babe!

Kay Yang says:

speechless…beautiful piece!
congrats on 40k plus subscribers!!! you are so kind and always a pleasure to watch

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