Louis Vuitton Unboxing

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Thank you for sharing this fun experience of adding to my handbag collection.

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Mary Hanson says:

Thank you for taking the time to be kind as well as share your new love. I’m happy for us both:)!

Novel Bibelot says:

Thank you so much for this tutorial. I just got this purse in the 25 and I love it. It was my first purse from Louis Vuitton. I really enjoy your videos. Thank you 🙂

Mary Hanson says:

Aw, thank you.

Tom Balaton says:

I loves all your purses especially the chanel. Love…love

Mary Hanson says:

Right? It remains one of my most used and loved bags!!!! Hope you’re having lots of happiness this very day:).

Tamika Robertson says:

Congrats!!!! On your new bag I was the same way when I got my first speedy b… It’s something about opening a LV box… It brings so much happiness..

Mary Hanson says:

Thank you, Marvelyn!!

Marvelyn Agno says:

It’s gorgeous! Congrats! Love watching your videos:) Aloha!

Raqyzrocks says:

Loved your excitement in this video. Do you still love this Speedy? Or is the 35 a better buy?

Mary Hanson says:

It’s my favorite bag:).

Roxanne Cabetti says:

This is the bag I want for fall/winter!!! So exciting. Enjoy!

Mary Hanson says:

Thank you for that suggestion. That web site offers solutions to organizational needs. Hope your day is going well!

sincerelyyoursboutiq says:

Check out pimp my speedy dot com. They have organizers and I have one for my speedy 25, I just love how it helps organizer my little things in my bag. Helps the speedy not be a bottomless pit. Just a suggestion…I can’t imagine my speedy without it now. Thanks for sharing your new bag! Love it!

Mary Hanson says:

Congratulations on your new baby! It’s the best, most classic bag. Do you find the iPad makes it difficult to locate your other items? Thanks for sharing.

TrueOh says:

I just bought the exact same bag yesterday, it is my first Louis Vuitton and I was hysterical with excitement as well! I go to university and I’m sure you may know by now but an iPad does fit comfortably into the 30, standing up or laying flat! We’re bag twins! Have a wonderful day!

Mary Hanson says:

Well, I think you are so cool for taking the time to say such a nice thing:).

Harrison Beswick says:

I am 14, and I love louis vuitton! You are so cool:)!

Mary Hanson says:

I so enjoy that Speedy. I hope you enjoy your Burberry bowling bag:). Squeal is right!!

sprinkleonthesparkle says:

Ahhhh yes, the excitement of a new bag! I LOVE IT! I got a small Burberry bowling bag yesterday and was JUST LIKE YOU! The smell, putting my stuff in it, looking at it from every angle in different lighting. So much fun! *Squeal*
I hope you enjoy your Speedy!

Mary Hanson says:

Sure. The DE has a coating on the leather protecting it from getting darker or damaged. I’m told the coating can encourage cracking. I, however, have not had any negative issure with the cracking. I hope that helps.

Mary Hanson says:

You are lovely to articulate such kindness. It truly helps my day is motivates me greatly. Thank you, Dear One.

Mary Hanson says:

Your comment reads like a Hallmark card. I could read it again and again. Thank you!!

snismail0304 says:

I love ur videos, they r really useful and a pleasure to watch… thank you for taking the time to share… enjoy everything you have….take care

CulturaPA says:

Congratulations on your new Speedy! Your love and appreciation for your bag shines through your video! It is so wonderful to see. As a faithful and proud viewer of your videos, I am both excited and grateful for the effort and time that you put into making each video for us. You provide us with great information and knowledge when it comes to Louis Vuitton and as a lover of all things LV, I say, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Enjoy your new purchase and here’s to many more!

pacedajew says:

Can you tell me the difference in terms of wear between damier canvas and monogram canvas ? I have monogram canvas only so far and I love them byt damier looks charming as well.

Mary Hanson says:

Thank you very much!

ThePorsha777 says:

I’m so excited for you!!!!! Enjoy your bag, it’s beautiful!!!!

Mary Hanson says:

Wow! Thank you for that!!

Jessica Castro says:

I just love you, you’re such a beautiful person inside and out god bless you

BucketsandBrooms says:

Enjoyed all your reviews and hope you are enjoying your new purse….Bye from Canada!!

Mary Hanson says:


Mary Hanson says:

Thank you!

Sher Saladini says:

I have to share this video because your introduction is inspiring

Sher Saladini says:

That’s exactly my opinion.

Sher Saladini says:

I understand you :)

Mary Hanson says:

You are very kind to say so. Thank you!!

MsMissyrachel says:

You have the BEST LV reviews-so thorough! Love your channel =)

Mary Hanson says:

Thank you, Sweetie!!

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