Louis Vuitton Unboxing | Toiletry Pouch 26

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Nadejda Ivanova says:


benelia francisco says:

it is now CDN$510 plus 13% tax here in Canada… But I got one from the US worth $449!!

Cheraye C Lewis says:

I just scored this as well and it’s so fabulous!! You have a lovely channel I love 💕 luxury as well

Designer Bag Lady says:

I tried using the chain, but it’s going to rip the zipper out of the clutch, so I stopped😩 I made it a wristlet. Hope to have the video up soon🧡

Jennifer Robinson says:

I just got the Speedy 40 so this bag will go so great with my purse because the Speedy 40 is so big

Jennifer Robinson says:

Hello are you sure you pay $245 for it because I'm getting ready to purchase it and the price on the site says $415

Jason Wan says:

I am on the wait list for this item too – I have been waiting for three months, and apparently I got another 8 or so months of waiting before I get the call! 

I am also on waiting list for the 19 and the 15 and both of them have extraordinary waiting periods as well! Ironically I was told that the 15 would be coming first as I got about two more months of waiting, and the 19 – estimated arrival time is about a MONTH OR TWO longer than the 26! 

Congrats on your piece tho! I cannot wait to get my hands on all three items… sometime next year!

Kelly-Marie Stevens says:

I have purchased most of my items from the LV in Westfield and they are so, so lovely!!

Ms Kitta1 says:

🤗Great video! I own this piece as well & love its versatility! Thanks for sharing & I just subscribed 👍🏽

Michelle Tatad says:

How much is it now? US dollar?

Mikayla Dean says:

I need this bag!

Lib Bowes says:

I have literally been trying to get my hands on this bag for so long and they won't get me on the waiting list please help arghh

British cheerleader and proud says:

Love the back ground

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