Louis Vuitton Unboxing Special Edition

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via YouTube Capture.

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LVmac17 says:

So cute! It’s a very special piece in your collection. Enjoy!

Minks4All says:

@Someday Shabby- Thank you so much!! Xoxoxo

Minks4All says:

@acuity4ever2- Thank you so much!! Stay Fabulous!!!

Minks4All says:

@Tamara Kramer- Thank you!!! Xoxoxo

Minks4All says:

@missfraier1- Thank you so much for the kind words! You’re sooo sweet! Thanks for watching! Xoxoxo

Minks4All says:

@Ewelina Paszek- Thank you! Its been one of the best purchases I’ve recently made 🙂

Minks4All says:

@paeeze5- Her IG name is: KStyleTG. She doesn’t have any videos on Youtube :(…Thanks for watching!

Minks4All says:

@YYCCouture- You are too kind! Thank you for watching! Xoxoxo

Minks4All says:

@Renewed Gal- Right!! I was so happy that its MIF!! Xoxoxo

Minks4All says:

@Mary Padre- Thank you! I will definitely do a review on this piece! Thank you for the request and for watching!! Xoxo

Minks4All says:

Thank you so much:)

Minks4All says:

@chanel addict- Thank you! I’m so in LVoe with this little guy!! Thanks for watching! Xoxoxo

Minks4All says:

@accordingtoAlaska- Yay!! Do you love it?? These little guys are so versatile!

Minks4All says:

@LVlover cc- Thank you!!!! Xoxoxo

Minks4All says:

Yay! We will be twinzies!! Let me know if you pick one up! Xoxo

Minks4All says:

@thelifeofaangel- Thanks! Pochette’s in general are my new obsession!

Minks4All says:

@M Spanders10- Thank you! Xoxo

Minks4All says:

@belladesignsxoxo- Thank you! :)

Minks4All says:

@ Jennea Stuessy- Thank you! Yes, i was very lucky to be able to get this little guy! Thank you so much for watching 🙂

thelifeofaangel says:

how cute im starting to really like this little bag

Meli MeliMeli says:

congrats. I hope to pick one up this week. 🙂

Jennea Stuessy says:

Love your new edition! So happy you were able to get one before they’re all gone!!

belladesignsxoxo says:

Lucky girl! I love the colors!!!! So happy for u!

MSpanders10 says:

It’s adorable, I love it!

LVlover cc says:

You look so happy! Happy for you!!! Enjoy!

accordingtoAlaska says:

I got the damier ebene one! x

Linda K says:

OMG! I want that one too 🙂 . Lovely!

chanel addict says:

sooooooooooooooooo cute,love it xxxx

The Curly Life says:

LOVE your new piece! 😀

Mary Padre says:

Congrats on your new piece! 🙂 I would love to see a review on how you use the mini pochette.. thanks!

Renewed Gal says:

Love the stripes on the lil piece of leather and its MIF..I want one lol

YYCCouture says:

Congrats, another gorgeous piece to add to your already beautiful collection:-) thank you for the unboxing.

paeeze5 says:

Hello minks4all,i like to falow you at instagram but can you ringh the name of the girl she has this colecions plzz i like to watch that.. Thanks

Ewelina Paszek says:

So happy for you and I now want to get it

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