Louis Vuitton Unboxing | September 2013

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TheLuxeBabe says:

Hey Gorgeous, congratulations on your new Eva Clutch. It is one of my favourite pieces from LV & the Damier canvas is my fav too. Beautiful haul as always! xoxo LB : )

onlyyumul says:

Maybe one day ;P Thanks for watching! xoxo, OnlyYumul

onlyyumul says:

Thanks doll, have a great night! 🙂 xoxo, OnlyYumul 

onlyyumul says:

Omg! I know!!! Ahahah I already started a wish list, but I am trying hard to stop myself ;D xoxo, OnlyYumul

Tara Tiarrah says:

I love Louis Vuitton. In my latest video I’m wearing one of their classic scarfs x

BeautifullyLaced says:

You should do a purse collection video!!!!!!!!

TrulyMelly says:

Love the outfit and new LV!

gatorblue11 says:

Louis Vuitton is addicting once you get started! Dont be surprised if you start loving all of them!

WazKucci says:

Dad’s work :/ its such a culture shock!

onlyyumul says:

thanks doll 😉 It’s a Dior Vernis in 999 Red Royalty xoxo, OnlyYumul

onlyyumul says:

thanks 🙂 The blue handbag is by Pour La Victoire –it’s on sale on the nordstrom website right now!! xoxo, OnlyYumul

onlyyumul says:

I wore it yesterday and I don’t regret purchasing it!!! It’s actually a great bag to “practice” under-packing. I realized that I really only need a few things to carry around. You should still consider it 🙂 xoxo, OnlyYumul

onlyyumul says:

thanks doll! I wore it yesterday and it was deffff a great choice! 🙂 xoxo, OnlyYumul

onlyyumul says:

awww 🙁 Why did you move? Haha Thank you for sticking around! :)) xoxo, OnlyYumul

onlyyumul says:

Hehe I am very thankful :) xoxo, OnlyYumul

onlyyumul says:

thank you! and the purse says thank you too haha xoxo, OnlyYumul

onlyyumul says:

thanks doll! 😉 xoxo, OnlyYumul

onlyyumul says:

Aww thanks hun 🙂 I’m glad to hear that lol xoxo, OnlyYumul

Any Glenn says:

Whats on your nails?? It’s such a beautiful color!!

BLUSHEDbeauty says:

LOve it! What brand is the blue one? 🙂

Anzel Buan says:

I really want the Eva clutch but I have the same problem as you and it’s that I’m a big bag kinda girl! Lol. Wonderful choice though (: it looks great on you

makeupbyellli says:

It’s so cute! Defiantly a great choice for a first LV. Get well soon doll!

WazKucci says:

I am kicking myself now because I didn’t realize you were living of the bay area! I’ve been subbed to you on my personal YT account for quite a while now and it never occurred to me that we lived so close to eachother haha. I just moved to Hong Kong a month and a half ago from SF! I hope you could stop by my channel, I just posted my first video. Maybe when I revisit the bay this summer we could meet up and do a little Union Square shopping spree LOL!

worldfamous945 says:

what a lucky child!

Loris Ayoub says:

get well soon……..omg stunning purse!

jennypoops2x says:

So cute, suits you perfectly (:

keke rox says:

I love hearing your stories and videos :)

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