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Hi everyone!
This unboxing did not go as planned – I’m so disappointed! After waiting for over a month to get this piece, there were some quality issues. It is a gorgeous piece that is so hard to get your hands on, if you can get one in pristine condition, don’t hesitate!

Thanks for watching xo

Item mentioned: https://bit.ly/2HQgjLG

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sunkisssmile says:

I have the same piece in black. You will probably not get one with perfect stitching. They all have the same way. Hope that helps.

ST Glamz says:

I love this piece!! The color is stunning!! That’s a huge bummer that you have to return it. 😫

Michele Moore says:

I love ant one but they are too much in USA nice find👌

conman607 says:

Idek why I'm subbed to you other than the fact you're soo fionnee. Damn.

Generation X says:

Such a cool piece! What a bummer you had to wait for it with anticipation only to discover it has flaws right out of the box.
Hopefully you get it replaced and you feel better quickly! 🌻

Vei Yi says:

Welcome back! Feel better 🙁

lvluxdelight says:

Hi doll, I'm so sorry that happened: I have those moments when I jinx myself! Sometimes positive/sometimes negative.. It's strange! Synchronicity..I do love that piece! I'm going to look into it.. Btw, what camera do you use because the quality is amazing! Love watching you beautiful..Xo 😘❤️

Stephanie G says:

Awww, I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you.

Gemma May Miller says:

Beautiful piece, but such a shame about the flaws! In my opinion the quality of Louis Vuitton has gone soooo downhill. I don't think I'd ever buy anything from them again if I'm honest

Fay Thipsuwan says:

So sad I love the look of it but you should return!

Hello Harley says:

Girllll, $380 for the piece is such a good price. I thought it was like $500!!! So sad that the piece wasn’t great:( but hopefully the next one you get will be great!!! Feel better soon btw!!

yannick EOBT says:

I have the same issues as you

Kathy Cruz says:

That’s too bad, that wallet is really nice!

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