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You guys!!! I am in LOVE with this bag OMG this size is Amazing
let me know you have this bag?!!!
Hope you Enjoy
Thanks for watching

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Neverfull MM Damier Ebene
Neverfull pochette Damier Ebene
Luggage Tag large Damier Ebene

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Japan Seller I use for Luxury consignment
-BrandOff Ebay
-Gallery Rare Ebay
-BrandWorks Ebay

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alma jukic says:

I love your bag jerusha.I like all your collection.

Mary305 says:

Hi Jerusha love the bag . Have you shop online to UK LV Store. ☺. I want to buy a Damier Ebene 25.

Night Reader says:

Sorry, I meant Fashionphile.

Night Reader says:

Does Fashion Pile do an authentication check on their LV bags?

iDrive Car Rental says:

I love it

Carrie Nelson says:

Jerusha, I put my luggage tag onto the pochette extender and then clip it on the gold part on the neverfull that way it hangs off the bag nicer :)

pao williams says:

Hi Jarusha!! I have a brand new citadine bag in Empriente from LV that I want to sell but I live in the UK, where do you suggest I can sell it thru? Or maybe a consignment person? Thank you In advanced! xx

Sidney Loveles says:

You never said how much you paid for the bag, that's a good thing to reveal so other people can ponder if it's a good deal. Did you get it when it had the 10, 20 or 30% off? I really like fashionphile I bought a speedy off of there for $595 on the layaway program they offer. It came with everything except box, they have really good customer service and presentation in the packaging.

Kim CG says:

At first I thought that razor blade was pregnancy test! ;)

Brenda love handbags says:

Congratulations on ur baby !! And yes will love to see the wallet pls !!im a new subby !! I thank God i found u!! Love ur channel

adit zahra says:

u talking alot? try little fast

Nathaly Dalia says:

You're gonna love it! I've only had mine for a little over a year and it's my holy grail! It's been stuffed with books and my laptop and chargers while I was finishing grad school and then I started traveling for work and it's the perfect bag to fly with! It literally never gets full! And in the DE it still looks perfect! Enjoy mama!

Leo Lion LV says:

Beautiful bag! Congrats Jerusha ♥ Perfect bag with Massi! xoxo

YanTan Tetherer says:

Oh thanks for the shop name!

Chelby Monroe says:

My dream bag! So happy you got it finally, I remember you mentioning that you wanted something in DE!!! And a Neverfull MM in DE ???
Love and blessings!

PoundingSenses90 says:

Hahaha I thought you were holding a pregnancy test ?

BeautyandLux says:

Hi babe! I'm so excite for you on your new purchase! I have it in the GM and absolutely love it cinched in for everyday and travel as well! Enjoy your new goodies from Fashionphile sweetie! Congrats! Hugs and kisses for you and Massi!✨?❤️??✨

Marisa Bustamante says:

I heard on one of your videos that Louis Vuitton has dropped it's quality substantially (specially on canvas) , is that one of the reasons you got a pre-loved?

carameldiva7 says:

I have the LV Neverfull GM, and I am thinking about purchasing the new model Neverfull MM. TFS

Heike Schneider says:

first I thought you have a pregnanttest in your hand ??

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