Louis Vuitton Unboxing and Reveal!!

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Hello! Here is the item I picked up at my Meet up last weekend as well as another Louis Vuitton purchase I made! I hope you enjoy.

Louis Vuitton Nice BB – I pronounced it Nice, but I believe it is actually pronounced “niece”, but I will still probably say it as nice…lol.
Retails for $885

Sweater – http://rstyle.me/n/b6dgcib6ejf – I am wearing an XS, my color isn’t available anymore.

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wow congrats on your 2 lv addition. and those tiny hand clapping is so adorable

Jenn Berry says:

Empreinte speedy is gorgeous!! Don't be afraid to use it ?

eunrod says:

I love love the Nice BB. Been wanting one for a while,, i hope to get mine soon ?

VK Grace says:

how cute your child was clapping :)

misskellyd28 says:

That speedy is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the color

The Girl & the Bag says:

The speedy is drop dead gorgeours! Love the Nice as well :)

Ruby Lewis says:

Congrats on your new addtional items!!!
I love both of them. Thanks for sharing and I hope you're enjoying your visit in Florida. That's where I live.

Rich Lux says:

Wished it had mirror inside

Jo CoastalHomeLove says:

Tiny clapping hands! So cute!

Moni Elle says:

Love your new items and everything behind you! You're so blessed and I really like your videos.

MeandMrVuitton says:

You will love the Empreinte Speedy too! So gorgeous ??

MeandMrVuitton says:

Gorgeous piece! Glad your meetup went well too! I would store scarves in it ??

carameldiva7 says:

Absolutely Beautiful LVs. Thanks for sharing. Please check out my video. Caio Bella

Joy G says:

Gorgeous piece ?

Maritha. lvlovermj says:

So nice.? and in so good condition? I've got the Montaigne in empreinte dun, and its a lovely color. Have a lovely weekend

Anniina L says:

Wow, great items! ? Nice to see someone picking more unusual items instead of going with the trends only. Enjoy your new goodies! ?

bwashing33 says:

New sub, love your personality. Your sassy bun is sheer cuteness. Thanks for sharing!

Katrina'sWay says:

Love it! What's on your nails??

Method One says:

Gorgeous and unique pieces! Thank you for sharing!!!

Serafina Recalcitrant says:

The hands that came out of nowhere at 5:32 is hilarious. Lol. Congrats on the gorgeous items. Hugs, Kiki

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