Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2014

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Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2014 full womenswear runway collection.

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walk nadia says:


Anna Baranna says:

seems like the last aw collection was more spring than this. and i hate edie campbell’s limp ass. however the show is terrific, looked effortless. fave look – the one with the dress and the blue jeans on 6:10

analuisafulgenciable says:

I’m disappointed. . .

Michael Doyle says:

Fabulous show! Anyone know the name of the song?

Darkhotanddeadly says:

I hate this collection. there is nothing worse than black background accompanying black clothes.

Irkajavasdream says:

The show is frustrating to watch. The camera should have shown the beautiful setting, but then could they not find one area, obvs. models walking to the media wall, and film them walking up, and their pose, the back of the outfit as they leave? I wonder if other photographers filmed a video in which we see THE CLOTHES? I was really curious especially about the denim/gown looking outfits, but saw very little. We need more theater, like Galliano,, Dior too) McQueen, Mugler…but showing clothes

Jack Ebert says:

oh marc no don’t go

Tymber Newton says:

This is how your properly leave your mark in couture, farewell Marc

F. David TAVARA says:

Disappointed !

Celina Domina says:

I loved the sets from his past collections…:)

Celina Domina says:

Farewell Mr. Jacobs:( whoever will be the preceding creative director at LV has a lot to live up to. Marc was so good at this house.

PrincessBlak says:

When did it stop being about the clothes?!?!?! Could not see any of the designs clearly…. models speeding pass, elevators, escalators, dark clothes, dark lightening…… why bother. What little I could see were beautiful but viewing clothes at a fashion show should not be that hard work. I imagine the live audience saw even less. The lucky bitches like Ann Wintour saw the collection before the show, everyone else I guess can look at the website.

jayc gylsen says:

Wow so John G! looks if he rip him off?

raymondseye says:

i always luv the packaging of this brand.

Phillip Heketoa says:

Wow Wow Wow!!!

toño castro says:

It was an AMAZING show… Bravo Marc Jacobs…!!!!

033lk says:


Pablo Pd says:

The lasts from Jacob????

Yduel Rojas says:

Me encanta las creaciones de Marc♥

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