Louis Vuitton | Spring Summer 2015 Full Fashion Show | Exclusive

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Louis Vuitton | Spring Summer 2015 by Nicolas Ghesquière | Full Fashion Show in High Definition. (Widescreen – Exclusive Video/1080p – PFW – Paris Fashion Week)

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Jason Broadway says:

Who is the model at 3:54 in the navy-blue coat?

Manuel Alexander says:

so good to see Freja back!!

Danilo Ramos says:

The red dress (6:37) is breathtaking

Penelope S says:

anyone know the music?

Danilo Ramos says:

Competent design, desirable, easy to commercialize… Each item, despite
the basic forms, is an impressive lesson in design and execution.

Pierre-Louis Parant says:

Très moche dÉsumanisant

Marina Implitina says:


darkinetix says:

I loved the production. Overall the collection was a big meh. I think the
intro and lighting raised my expectations way too high. Too much of a Ralph
Lauren vibe for my liking, though there were some awesome looks sprinkled
throughout… and LIYA! 

Roys Eye says:

We all know it’s the Prada Look. But nonetheless, it’s beautiful

Jeffrey Gill says:


Danilo Ramos says:

Simons, Ghesquière, Slimane…

roy gil says:

The song at 5:10 someone please name it x_x

Haitam Bakkali says:

luv every single piece of this show !!

RB Bisc says:

great show! genius

Pyre Blaze says:

they all look so sweet and adorable

ricky lamas says:

the collection was beautiful overall but it saddened me that there wasn’t
much diversity in the models :(

eskimoeason says:

Nicolas is one of those designers who can do very solid and intriguing
design without relying on drama from lighting, makeup etc. the use of
colour, the proportion and the precision make him stand out and the style
goes low key that cater more clients’ needs. Not that many designers in the
leading roles can do like this. Very solid collection. 

Osokor Arte says:


delaroseetdulys says:

Am I the only person who didn’t understand the collection ?

Imreally Rich says:

They did it on my birthdayyyyyyy



Manière Atelier says:

Ghesquière gets an “A” for an inciting introduction, but I didn’t travel
anywhere in the universe except for the United States circa 1970s – my
least favorite fashion era (the bell bottoms, the fake-looking fur, the
oversized lapels, and the fringe…too sloppy). But it was great to see
Liya Kebede modeling! She made the clothes look more poised and prim.

kim flash says:

The opening was over Taxing.

Lia Padilla says:

H E R M O S O ! ! !

mrblf652 says:

It is sad that there was only one woman of color in that entire show. 

Teddy Liong says:

I love how Nicholas mix fabrics and materials In this collection. Those
bags are awesome!! 

Alta Costura says:

Louis Vuitton | Spring Summer 2015 

유동일 says:

reasonable for market. entitled brand.

tatang surya zaman says:

Freja beha..

Cheryl Adams says:

Nice show, love the clothes

SEL MOON says:

fabbbbbbbbbb, love the dresses and the earrings

Allan Manzanares says:

Pretty well executed pieces, but the silhouette is basically the same than
his past collection and his debut. The Lord knows I love Mr. Ghesquiere’s
work, but I am still waiting for his high sense of adventure and
experimentation that made me wait Balenciaga’s shows anxiously in the past.
Please Mr. Ghesquiere, do not restrain yourself of being as inventive and
risk taker as you used to be a few years ago. Go for it!

Edu T. says:

a freja abriu o desfile passado e encerra este. não sei se isso quer dizer
que com esta coleção, ele fecha um ciclo (já que as duas coleções tem muito
a ver entre si) ou se é apenas uma constatação boba minha. é interessante
ver um estilista do porte do nicolas criando numa casa “limpa”, sem toda a
história pesando como era na balenciaga. é aguardar pra ver o que ainda

Diego Cardona says:

the cast was kinda bad…wheres anna ewer, natasha poly, caroline brasch?

m dl says:

The clothing collection was really nice for the most part. Ironically the
handbag collection was quiet ugly for the most part, and the shoes were
rather bland. 

parvati244 says:

That first girl’s walk (Jean Campbell) was so awful. It was just soso full
to watch. She’s not walking, she’s trudging. 

Acacia López says:

Somebody tell Mr. Ghesquiere it is a Spring Summer collection. Boots? Come
on! He has not been the only one to use boots – which is totally inadequate
for Summer – but combined with the whole looks it is kind of an Autumn
show. I can just pick the beautiful white dresses.

Virginie BROC says:

So beautiful Louis Vuitton Spring Show 2015 ….. New collection and new
colors …. Just amazing …. The Show was in Paris

AzzedineAliaFan says:


aquatic angel roxane aquarox says:

Especially the first two minutes of the vid are awesome!

PatientLove says:

Nice to see Liya Kebede! Love the new quilted bags and flirty sexy dresses.

Candice Wu says:

beautiful design this season!!!

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