Louis Vuitton | Spring Summer 2008 Full Show | Exclusive

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Louis Vuitton | Spring Summer 2008 by Marc Jacobs | Full Fashion Show in Good Quality. (Back in Time – Exclusive Video) #Throwback

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Aleccej Kraftcoff says:

Hey!Thank you! 👏🎆

HarlemHoops says:

Marc Jacobs + Daft Punk

losh23 says:

daft punk for virgil and lv pleaseee


Are nurses allow to walk in a runway???

Wdomino says:

Daft Punk and a fashion show? Weird combination but damn is the music awesome!

Kindell Armstrong says:

Is that Nadia and Naomi?

Pablo Agüero says:

Cuando saber caminar era excluyente para ser modelo. Magdalena, Mariacarla, Snejana, Natasha, Vlada, Lily, Sasha, Jessica, 10 años después aún nadie las supera ❤️

Scotty Leakes says:

Iconic show!

Sylla Atlas says:

The most scandalous Louis Vuitton by Marc Jacobs ever, remember with Suzy Menkes? Damn at least you didn't put the hours of waiting in 😅

Fer Alva says:

Jessica stam❤️❤️❤️❤️


Male Model Corp says:

This is one of the shows that made me fall in love with fashion, thanks for sharing ❤️❤️❤️

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