Louis Vuitton SpeedyB 25 review

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IM BACK!!! my top most requested Video on Louis Vuitton! Thanks for all your fabulous questions from Instagram it was an outstanding response!! Hope you like…

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BobbyLovesLV says:

My speedy b 25 got patina quickly too! I got mine right before april 2012
and I used it pretty much till August 2012 and the patina happened soooooo
rapidly. Lovely review Jerusha! 

DuchessOfFashion says:

Such a great in depth review! I definitely want this in the Empreinte
leather next year. Xx

pimpgerbilmouse says:

Could you PLEASE do a video about the vachetta leather, specifically about
water spots and how to take care of the leather to keep it even! Great
video. Thank you! 

hannah deluv says:

I hear that the speedies will be getting re-invented like the neverfulls
recently have, I don’t know if I should get this version or wait for the
new ones, of course the price will probably increase by a hundred with the
new look

Olympia Epirus says:

Hi, what necklace is that?

akaydoll says:

What a beauty!! 

NastasiaM53 says:

So happy you’re back, hope you are doing well. Nice video babe, make me
want the Speedy B 25 in monogram as well :)) Miss you

bjtaylor02 says:

Your Instagram photos as well as a couple others have made me add this to
the wish list. It WILL happen :)

Mary Hanson says:

I felt like a spent the morning with a friend. Your detailed helpful
advice makes me learn more of my love of LV as well as make me appreciate
the pieces all the more.

trina leavers says:

beautiful bag huni,i love that you got it in italy, you will remember that
every time you look at your beautiful bag , i always use baby wipes also
huni xoxoxoxox

Natalie Ann says:

can you do a whats in my bag? with this bag

missbeautynana says:

Do you like the korean plum/peachy candy? It’s called JADU hee hee I saw it
in your bag! First thing that caught my eye 🙂 im in sydney too and we just
also purchased a house as well! Congratulations!!!! And I also have a
channel, would be great if you can come and check it out. And even better
to keep in touch xx 

Clothes and Creativity says:

Such an in-depth review, Jerusha! 🙂
Love how you’ve compared it with a Speedy 30 and Neverfull PM.
I got my monogram Speedy 30 about a month back and I absolutely love using
it! 🙂



What I Wore to My Cousin’s Indian Wedding- Part 2-Hot Pink Lehenga

Bugn LVoe says:

Fabulous Video! 😀 &&& Congratulations on the new home!!! WooHoo!!!! :-D

mlopez69lala says:

Great video. Super informative.

MSpanders10 says:

What a great video, thanks so much for taking the time out and answering
all these great question. Love your video’s! 

Queen of Sheba says:

Great to see you back lovely. Congrats on your new home. Very exciting.
Love this bag. You have sold it. Off to buy one soon! x

Stanleydragonjr says:

Good luck in your new home,saw your review on the 25b,had to go and get
one,got a30b,needed the room,thanks so much,missed your videos,glad you are

lovehermadly50 says:

Awesome!!!! Just made everybody fall in love with this bag!!!!

sadiejosiemom says:

Very thorough review! I would very much like to get it in the DE.

Justahawaiigirl says:

Whoo hoo!! Congrats on the house and welcome back!!

Imen B says:

I really enjoyed this video and learned a lot!! Thanks jerusha, u look
beautiful here!! ❤️

Annie W says:

Absolutely love your review XOXooo Thanks! Now I know which speedy to go
for, have been debating for the longest time! :))

MrJeronimo94 says:

I’d love to see a review on your keepall where you show how many clothes
can fit inside. I am currently between the 50 an the 55 and I really don’t
know which one to take. Xo

Chanel05 says:

Lovely review huni!! Xxxx

Rocio Coello says:

Welcome back sweetie 😉 Congrats on the new home!!! And u have to say that
you really convinced me to get this bag…hopefully this year :)

Angie Ferrara says:

Looks Amazing Jerusha!

Belindajess says:

Loved it. The patina is fabulous and so even!!!!

Jen V says:

Luv you. Luv your vlogs!!! 🙂 

Lynn Natralina says:

Ok you have sold me, I am going to save and get one by Christmas, thanks
for sharing

Julia LostandFoundTraveller says:

Congrats on the purchase of your new home – Yay! Also, a big thanks for
such a thorough and informative review. Have been deliberating for 12
months whether to purchase the speedy B 25, but wasn’t sure if the monogram
print would look too “busy” against my body as I tend to wear a lot of
color or print at times. Now that I saw your mod shots I want it anyway
lol. Love your passion for something this beautiful. Now I want it more,
along with half a dozen other designer bags argh! the decisions. :)

KatieKate says:

So good to see you again. Great review!

Mickey Crawford says:

Congratulations on your new home!! I have the speedy 30 but you’ve made the
25 B appear so practical. Great advice to just enjoy the bags too! Xx

The Scarlett says:

I had never wanted a Speedy until I saw yours via Instagram in Europe. And
it seemed that you were able to carry so much! So I stopped by the LV
boutique to see what would fit and, surprise, everything that I normally
carried. So I got the Speedy B 25 in Damier Azur and it is gorgeous! I
dress it up with a Twilly. The patina is coming along nicely. I’m taking it
on my next trip and I know it will be so secure while holding all that I
need. Thanks to you for sharing your love that I now have a new love.

Curious M says:

Do you have the Favorite? Would love to hear your review. Thanks!

Natalie Ann says:

do the holes on the cross body strap stretch or rip to tear with use?

Sarah Covitt says:

I hope you ship to the US one day.

Sara Hansson says:

Oh my stars, amaaazing review Jerusha! Great job! I’m traveling to Spain
soon and WILL get a LV piece in the Palma store. I’m just going crazy
bananas trying to decide on which bag would be ideal for me. Leaning
towards the Favorite MM as I do loooove smaller crossbody bags. You
definitely got me interested in the Speedy 25 now as well…! 😀 Enjoy your
bag, gorgeous! And thank you for the review! :)

Natalie McMullen says:

I was thinking of buying this bag very soon, could anyone let me know if an
insolite wallet fits in it? Please and thanks!! Xx 

sukanda soontorn says:

you are so nice girl. :)

Abbey Mugroso says:

Outstanding review 🙂 love it.

Vanessa Mertilus says:

Yay you’re back! More LV videos please. :)

Kim K. says:

A great in depth video. Thank you so much! Also, congrats on your new

E Smith says:

What a wonderful surprise to wake up to! Welcome back Jerusha! xx

Rosie Delorme says:

I’m so glad to see that you’re mixing damier & monogram! I asked a SA if it
was a capital sin and she said no! HahA

Brooke Blake says:

Hey Jerush…I opted for the 25 finally after the 25-30-35 debate!!
Perfect, feminine size…and no sag. Also, the travel marks give the LV’s
character. Well traveled, well loved, classic.

Shamil Buxo says:

Great video!!! Thank you for sharing your opinions !!! 

Liz R says:

Do you reckon you could do a video on patina? Kind of like a patina 101?
Stuff like how to get an even patina, why the bags patina, any advice etc

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