Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 Oxidation Update

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Update on my Louis Vuitton speedy 35.

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idajene says:

Love your vid! Funny thing, I live in Guam, and the bags they bring in our LV stores are either made in France or Spain. so when I see videos, people would like their bag made in France versus US, however I just want at least one bag in the US…just to say I have one! 🙂 good review though!

karla bolainez says:

Hi Love your video 🙂 I just got my speedy in the damier azur! It wasn’t my first bag but I needed to get it because just like you said its an icon and the prices are going crazy so I got it before I have to pay even more for it.
I just subscribed also because I loved the video 🙂

jcompressionzip says:

Cool video

Kay Bee says:

You’re so perdy

boymeetsLV says:

That is such a nice patina, and it’s an amazing bag. I am still debating about this bag because I have the speedy in the DE, but I am seeing this bag everywhere !!!! Thanks again for the Video

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