Louis Vuitton Special Reveal

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This is a reveal of a Special Order Damier Ebene Noe. I was very fortunate to acquire this bag, The Noe is my favorite Louis Vuitton Bag. LV no longer does s…

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EJ Ghahreman says:

Where do you purchase your pre-loved items?

BeyondTheGlitter1 says:

Where did you get that picture on the left top of the screen?

captmara says:

Lovely bag! I’m so happy you got it!!

bgordonjgordon says:

Great job as usual.  Thanks

dioraddict15 says:

Lady, you have fab taste. After watching your mono Noe review I purchased it in azur and now also have it in mono. It has become my favourite bag. Love your reviews and your bag/accessories collection. Enjoy your new Noe. 🙂

perfectlycoiffed05 says:

Nice, it looks good on you!

LuxeAddiction says:

What a beauty to see! :]

ljavu says:

She’s truly a beauty, thank you for sharing.

Careergirl007 says:

Hi BJ, where do you sell your bags when you decide to sell one?

iLuvLVs says:

Hi Bj congrats on the ebene noe, a another gorgeous bag to add to your LV family. I also bought a pre-loved brownEpi Noe large size in brown. I’m so happy to have it too. Now I’m sill waiting for armed Epi petit Noe to arrive.

Young Vonni says:

This is my favorite bag also. Could you give me some web sites were I can buy this bag as you call it pre-loved.

Helene Peloquin says:

I will and will let you know when it is up. Thanks for the request.

22Karrots says:

Damier Ebene is such a nice print 🙂

Angie Ferrara says:

Love it BJ. Congrats on the new purchase and the find. It’s beautiful in the ebene canvas.

FeeDeeCat says:

Beautiful handbag.

MemeMawina says:

You suit this bag which is great because its hard to pull off!

FindingPeace139 says:

This is a gorgeous bag! Congratulations!

persiandiva77 says:

Bring back the special orders!!! LOL

LVboyoverboard says:

The Noe is gorgeous in Ebene! Great find, congrats!

Shanti Sangit says:

Very special bag you have there. I love it and that custom Blue Noe at the end is gorgeous! I don’t have a noe yet, but I think for me it’s going to have to be the petite noe. We will see, I have yet to try one on. Hopefully will get to soon! Congrats!

Lance Dam says:


LindySellsHomes says:

How wonderful to see this special bag, I love Noes.

MSpanders10 says:

I love this bag, I am really thinking about my next bag being the Noe. It’s beautiful in the DE print, your so lucky to have it and it’s in great condition. Thank you so much for this video, I just love all you video’s there very informative.

NastasiaM53 says:

Woow great video, beatiful bag. I love Noé’s :)) congratulation again, that’s a super addition to your collection. Thank you so much for this reveal :-**

Lovelle77 says:

I love the DE Noe, looks perfect. Congrats xx

bjtaylor02 says:

Thanks Katt! 

bjtaylor02 says:

The Mono was preloved and had stains on the bottom, but I cleaned it with LMB. Since it has such a patina, it is now fairly resistant to new stains 🙂

kvloveslv says:


alexa2411051 says:

beautiful bag….it looks great on you!

ILoveMyLittleBoyDog says:

I absolutely adore the Noé. I have 3 – one mono and 2 in Epi. The DE Noé is gorgeous!! Have fun wearing her! 🙂 xo

pinkowl76 says:

Love your new Noe!! Beautiful!

ator0871 says:

Wow, great find, great buy, congrats!!

QueenKattz says:

Great review Bj ^,,^ This will be the only one on Youtube FOR SURE!!! Glad you have it, thanks for posting the photos at the end. CONGRATS !!!!! LVoe it ^,,^

stubbornchiq says:

you must have a great job to buy all ur lovely lbags!

mareni74 says:

Sooo beautiful!! If you ever tire of this bag- which I’m sure you won’t- please consider me to buy!!! You look great with it!!!

Melodie nineseventhree says:

Love the bag!!! ur videos are the best…so descriptive, the mod shots…I love ur camo vest too!!!

Kooly Gal says:

Love this bag! I was just looking at the Noe’s and said to myself that I would LOVE to see one in DE so thanks for the video. It’s beautiful!

lvhellokitty1320 says:

Wow nice bag! love both of your Noe bags. How have you managed to keep the bottom of your Noe mono so clean I have been looking at some pre-owned Noe bags but all of them are dirty with stains at the bottom.

bjtaylor02 says:

Helene, Can you do a review of the Marais? I have always admired that bag, but wondered about the size.

KStyleG says:

Gorgeous bag! Thank you so much for sharing.

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