Louis Vuitton Small Wallet Reveal!

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I decided to try out a different style wallet from Louis Vuitton – and I’m loving it!! Plus, a purse room sneak peek! Spoiler Alert: It is the Insolite Coin …

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MissCrystalMakeup says:

Looks great! Thanks for sharing!

Mary Hanson says:

Love your new wallet!

MSpanders10 says:

That wallet is adorable, thanks so much for doing a reveal on it.

LVboyoverboard says:

Love it!

arentUlovely says:

Great choice, I like smaller wallets too. It’s especially nice that you
don’t have to downsize to a smaller wallet when you decide to use a smaller
handbag; it’s ready for whatever size handbag you carry.

Amy Garard says:

Off topic but your hair looks great!

Steve Jan says:

I love it . Thank you for sharing 

Jen V says:

Love the wallet and love the lighting fixture!! Thanks for sharing. :)

teenauh says:

Love it….I have looked at this wallet before…I want a color
I am loving my zippy compact

CourageStrength85 says:

I have this wallet loved it so much I purchased a 2nd! 

Kooly Gal says:

Really cute wallet! Didn’t even know they had this…. Thanks for sharing! 

Angie Ferrara says:

Great piece. Love it!

kvloveslv says:

I love it!!!! 

Clair Matthews says:

Very nice! Thanks for introducing me to this! 🙂 xxx

Franny Rogers says:

How does it close when you have lots of change in there? Just curious if
it would be hard to close since it’s a snap closure? Love this!

StephanieMarie says:

And a hot pink interior would be gorgeous! 

Lore Baert says:

I’ve looked at this wallet before, but always ended up buying a different
one. I agree about the colour, if they would do a red or something like the
Marie wallet I would definitely buy this! Enjoy your new purchase!

Juke Box says:

Oh no! I’ve just ordered the zippy coin purse, and now I’m not sure! :)

Roxanne Cabetti says:

I love your sweater!

Blanca G says:

Thanks for sharing! I also have this LV insolite wallet, it was my second
LV purchase and it is one my favorites, there are not many reviews on this
wallet and I agree it is an understated wallet. It’s also great when you
are wearing a crossbody, there are very few small wallets that have as much
as this wallet has, you get a spacious coin section, enough room for credit
cards and the slot in the back for bills and I love the snap button to open
and close the wallet, especially when your a mommy you need something
functional and quick to get too. You are going to love this wallet, I also
wanted a different style but the monogram was the only pattern available,
Love your videos and enjoy your new wallet!

Claudia Imperial says:

Can you fit some cards in the zippered compartment?

MariChanel316 says:

Great review 🙂 , can you guess what I’m getting for Christmas now?

Van Nguyen says:

I have this wallet and I love it. Great review 

Jenn R says:

Super nice wallet, cute cardigan! May I ask where you got the sweater

ydgluver says:

I would love to get this wallet in a different interior color other than
the typical brown interior for the mono print… Like you said, hot pink
interior or vernis print would be so gorgeous!!!

Amanda hugNkiss says:

If your looking to rehome your Mc Insolite I’m interested 

Abbey Mugroso says:

Love your new wallet. Thanks for sharing with us a mini preview of your new
purse room.

The Scarlett says:

So cute! I have a Damier Ebene Zippy that I use for inside my DE Eva. The
Insolite Coin would be great if I ever decided to get the Favorite PM. Glad
to see that it is so functional! Can’t wait to see the purse room reveal. I
have a little chandelier in my new master bedroom’s closet/dressing room
and it is my favorite part – makes me smile every time I walk in.

Stanleydragonjr says:

Love your videos,thanks for sharing

kaskas113 says:

Great choice enjoy

myers19761 says:

Nice wallet love your videos 

Nel C says:

Hi love from Australia !!!!I am a new subscriber to both your channels. I
love ya!! I look forward to watching your videos. Enjoy your new wallet :)

LeatherAndCashmere says:

Thank you for introducing me to this adorable wallet. It is just what I’ve
been searching for!


I really love the insolite wallet too. I love this size its so cute! it’s
so nice when your happy with such an expensive purchase great choice!

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