Louis Vuitton SLG Collection

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Hey! Here’s my Louis Vuitton Small Leather Goods Collection! Minks: https://www.youtube.com/user/Minks4All/feed QueenKatz: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YF…

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trina leavers says:

fab collection huni i love everything xxxxxxxx

JerushaCouture says:

Ok Iam doing this video too!!!!!! you and my babe +Minks4All have
made me obsessed and if you want a Pre-loved 411 ill do it too Only
cause I am obsessed with Ya Babe!!! Jerusha

Minks4All says:

OMG! Thank you so much for the amazing shout out! You are sooo sweet! I’ve
been having a YouTube marathon watching your wonderful videos back to back!
I can’t get enough! What a beautiful collection you have!! Thank you so
much for sharing and stay fabulous! Xoxoxo

Alisa Nicole says:

Great video. I’d like to know how you trust that the person your buying
from Craigslist isn’t selling you a fake? There have been an agenda or 2
that I’ve wanted to buy from Kijiji here in Toronto but when the price is
that good, I’m very suspicious. Do you meet your sellers at the LV store? 

MyMakeupPerspective says:

Loved this Emilie! 

MSpanders10 says:

I love the key cles too they are such little gems, I have to say that is my
favorite accessory. 

Meenakshi White says:

Great collection! Ever thought of trying the epi leather? I have a pochette
& the alma bb in epi leather & they are gorgeous! 

Bee Rachael says:

I have that exact same wallet and had to get the stud changed too. Now I’m
scared to use it :(

mrsbibilove says:

love your collection Emily! thanks for doing this video! do you like the
Chanel card holders too? you look beautiful and I love your background xo

Becky L says:

Great video! I am all about pre-loved! I bought my mono pochette locally
for $40! A steal and it only needed a minor repair which LV did for free.
Great collection! I need something in the DE print…love it. Did you pick
up a box of Pumpkin Macarons from Trader Joe’s yet? Jenn posted them, I
bought them and have almost devoured the entire box, ha!

Karen Fisher says:

Great video!! You have helped me add some new items to my wish list!!

HaveLouisWillTravel says:

Love all your SLG’s and your videos and vlogs! And if “Hey Dolls” is your
thing, I say rock it! :)

vale m says:

I have to LV bags in the monogram and I am so tired of them. If I could go
back in time (7 years) I would buy the damier ebene print. 

StephenieInColour says:

I love your SLG collection! Great video :)

Swati Mathur says:

Hi Emilie. Nice collection. If you don’t mind, I would like to suggest that
instead of getting yourself a card holder as a small wallet, go for a small
one like the marie wallet. I have it with the green interior. Its perfect!!
With a coin compartment, 4 card slot & a bills slot. Slips easily in to any
small bag. Here’s the link to the page
Somehow all the cute items are in monogram :)

Emma Hannah says:

I love that you changed your shirt lol. These LV videos need to go, my
wallet can’t handle it

Anais Alvarado says:

Yes they do… they sell the dark brown long strap for the dammer ebene! :)

hausofkait says:

Try the Josephine wallet! I went in to get the emilie, but I left with the
Josephine. I can fit an iPhone 6 inside the deep pocket in the back and it
doesn’t stretch and it has the extra pouch that you can store cards in. I
use it more than my Sarah wallet and it was a couple hundred dollars less.
Just a suggestion 😉 anyway, great video! I’ll miss you saying “hey dolls!”

Sallyann Widdowfield says:

Great collection…. My first LV was a key CLEY and speedy 35…… Want a
neverfull next!!…. Big love

xjmathew says:

Great video! What are your thoughts on epi line? Or what is on your LV wish
list? Most lv addicts have a wish list! I think in my case I want a speedy
b in idylle line because I have 6 speedies and that is the only one I don’t
have lol xoxo

Sarah Lawrence says:

Awesome collection you have there! I love your videos, have just watched a
whole bunch back to back. Your so down to earth and have a great sense of
Like you I prefer the damier prints. How do you find the Azur wears? Are
you super careful about using your bags that have it? 

Susan Marie says:

Love your videos and bubbly personality! :)Susan

Happy Torontonian says:

the pocket organizer from louis vuitton is amazing as a card holder! check
it out :)

Heather Finney says:

what is on your nails??!!! gorg! xoxo

LadySusan Jane says:

Enjoyed this video Emilie. I had a bad experience having something hot
stamped so I haven’t done that to my luggage tag. Is there much on your
wish list??.

keleyw says:

What was the name of the girl/YTer that u want to do a video on how to buy
LV secondhand?

michthr says:

Love your collection! I just sold my insolite wallet. I found it way to big
for me and realized that I was using my cles more for my wallet then my
actual wallet! I just got a zippy compact and it is pure loveee!!! Jerusha
Couture has a review on her channel on hers and Justahawaiigirl as well.
These two ladies sold me on it for sure! 

TheDailyCupcake says:

Girrrrrrrrl that collection….AMAZING!!!

I’m coming over to play with your purses..LOL!!

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