Louis Vuitton SLG Collection! Updated

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NastasiaM53 says:

Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful accessories collection. I use
my six ring key holder as well and the key cles to hold my loyality cards.
I sold my multicolore card case because I didn’t used it that much

pursejunky says:

love the key cles so much..I also have the key rings (I have the 6 round
key ring in monogram), I don’t like it at all..it’s kind of annoying..
maybe because you actually have to turn the keys around which was diff from
the regular rectangular key ring which I think is easier to use than the
round key ring. Cles is so much more easy to use, it holds so much more
plus it’s easy to pull out cards when it’s hanging on your keys even when
in current use or when ur car key is in ignition.. enjoyed watching ur
collection..thanks for sharing

MSpanders10 says:

I love the cles the best because I can still hang my keys and keep my
license, credit cards, gas card and my badge for work in it. Love your SLG

handbaglvr says:

Wonderful collection, love your videos, good to see you it’s been a while

belinda jess says:

Love your collection. I’m using my cles at the moment for my keys. I
swapped out from my 4 ring multicles and I’m really enjoying it. Currently
debating the card holder ❤️

Ashley P says:

Awesome collection! Thanks for sharing with us!

Karen Fisher says:

Great to see a video from you show up! Great collection 

Robyn, Dan'swife says:

I have both. I prefer the six ring key holder for my keys… You have a
fabulous collection…… Thanks for sharing…

HunnyBunny Jones says:

Thank honey for sharing great collection

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