Louis Vuitton SLG Collection of 2014

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vida gabuliene says:

your video just convinced me never ever get any of my pieces monogrammed ,
thank you

trina leavers says:

gorjus collection i love everything xoxo

SRMLLR says:

In England they call wallets purses❤️ (zippy coin purse)

MSpanders10 says:

I just love your collection and always enjoy watching your video. 

Robin S says:

Great video CC, I love my key holder too, so much better to me than a cles
for keys. As for the initials I only monogram if I absolutely know I would
never sell. I have those shoes too – love them! Really love that chili
colored LV scarf.

Lauren Berryhill says:

What a stunning collection! Envious!!! I have the pochette (old model),
cosmetic case pm, zippy compact and key cles (and more), but would you
recommend the mini pochette on top of these things? They are on my wish
list, but convincing the husband that this is a NEED, is a difficult task!!

HoneyB563 says:

Would you do a video on what fits in the milla clutch using your iPhone 6
plus? I’m thinking of getting the same clutch and I too have a 6 plus. Some
things I can’t use any more so I want to be sure about the milla clutch.
Thanks in advance? Love your collection!

NoOrdLove says:

Another great video. I recently got the toiletry 26 and love it. I also
have the toiletry 15 (smallest) and sold my toiletry 19 (middle size)
because the 15 size holds all my cosmetic needs when I’m out during the
day. You are right the toiletry pouch just isn’t that useful because of how
it’s shaped.

Sherin Ng says:

Love your slg collection 🙂 esp all the multicolor items!

angelbirdbb says:

Many pretty lv stuffs!!! Love them! btw, your requested video is uploaded
on my channel!=)

Stanleydragonjr says:

I loved this video,I just dug out my trucks,we had snow,ha a cup of
coffee,and enjoyed it,I dm you on IG 

Duchess of Fashion says:

Beautiful pieces! I definitely need that bagcharm! xoxo

Missy M says:

Beautiful, well thought out collection. Thanks for sharing. 

Celita Guia says:

You have beautiful items, thanks for sharing! I just love your Sara wallet
too and would love to get one some day. 

Abbey Mugroso says:

Lovely collection 🙂 2 thumbs up :)

Crystal Lee says:

+LVlover cc Hi! Absolutely love your channel! 🙂 Just wondering why you
prefer to use the mini pochette over the cosmetic bag to carry your
essentials? Thank you!

Jetzki Hamasaki says:

i believe that bag charm is an accessory not an slg? if im not

Andrea Peoples says:

hey LVLover do u still the wallets for sale?If u do which styles are they
please..Thank ya!!

T Tajini says:

Can you do a video to let us know how you can afford all these items? It
would be nice if you do that ;)

LaMasChingonaa says:

Hi! Can I get an email address to contact you about your wallet you’re
thinking about selling? 

Emily S says:

Hi, I have watched some of your videos and I love your items. But I
noticed you like to return and exchange a lot which is understandable
especially when there are defects on the items. But on some of your
returns, it’s simply because you’ve changed your mind. Which is completely
OK since you’re entitled to do this and there is that thing called buyer’s
remorse. And, as long as the merchant will accept the item back, it should
be OK. But truthfully, I would definitely hate to be one of those people
who purchase one of your returned or exchanged items. :/

Just like you want your items brand new and perfect, so does the next
customer. I’m still a student so I only aspire to have a collection like
some of the YouTuber’s I’ve watched but I guess it’s best to think about
your purchases a million times before buying? And maybe, fully inspecting
each item before you leave the boutiques and not order from any online
source since it might be imperfect?

Hope you won’t take tihs post in an offensive way.


MaxeysMommy says:

Nice collection- we have similar taste and own many same items:) Could you
do a review on your green Alma epi pm bag? I really like the shoulder
strap idea for it to make it hands free. Thanks!!

Nicole A says:

Hi! I’m interested in the cosmetic pouch your selling. How much? Love your

PB PB says:

great video as always! i so want the toiletry bag now in epi! 

Lipglosslovr27 says:

Love your SLG collection. I also have that same bag charm. I just purchased
it a few weeks ago and love!!

anjool tali loves says:

enjoyed this vid, thanks for sharing huni xo

Spencer Stokes says:

Great video! Can you please do a Berberry collection!?

plxfedup says:

Thank you for another great LV porn video! Never enough LoVe. 

Stanleydragonjr says:

I will dm you on IG 

avadominga says:

How old were you when you got your first LV piece?

pinkycharm1 says:

Hi, I love your channel and the LV collection you got. I love to own one
but can’t afford the new one. How much you would like to sell for your
wallet? And I really interest in your azur clutch also if you willing to
part with it please let me know. Thanks. Oh, and I’m still waiting for your
make up tutorial you promise cause I’m also have the same face shape as you
are :-)

Emily S says:

In addition, I read somewhere that members get banned from shopping at
Louis Vuitton for excessive returns and exchanges. Does anyone out there
know if this is a fact?

Glenda Glamour says:

Lovely LV SLG collection!! Beautiful pieces x0x0x Glenda

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