Louis Vuitton SLG Collection 2014 & Louis Vuitton GIVEAWAY!!

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ALL THE DETAILS ARE IN HERE FOR GIVEAWAY▽▽ I’m never one to follow rules so here is MY take on my current collection of SLG’s (small leather goods). But mo…

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Hey Jerusha !!! Thank you for your videos I am so totally obsessed with
your channel mostly because of your LV collection, its amazing and now I’m
obsessed and have a wish list of like 20 items of just SLG’s (yup the
struggle is real “/ ) !!! .. I currently own the speedy 30 in monogram but
I so want the Neverfull PM in Damier Ebene because that for sure will be my
favorite item. I want this cles as it would be perf with my speedy 😀 !! 

Hillary Sobeck says:

I would love, love, love to have one of the Sofia Coppola bags – they are
absolutely gorgeous! Great giveaway – thanks Jerusha! Oh yeah – instagram

selene newsom says:

Hello Jerusha. My all time favorite was the neverfull mm. I hope to get
another one because when I was robbed the most expensive thing they took
was my neverfull. Or maybe I should look for something smaller like a key
cles or emily wallet. Love you toodles

NastasiaM53 says:

Babe, you forgot your beautiful Monogram Shawl

Stanciulescu Ioana says:

Hi Jerusha!
My favorite LV is the only one I have, the Elise Wallet. It’s small but
fits a lot, I love it. The monogram cles is on my wishlist for a long time,
followed by the neverfull. Love your videos. Take care!

Jenny He says:

Hey Jerusha thank you so much for doing this giveaway! I have been in the
market looking for a keyholder for the past little while and after seeing
you videos I am now set on getting the cles from Louis Vuitton…and here
you are doing a giveaway for the EXACT item I’m really wanting at the
moment! It is meant to be!! 😉

Now back to business…

My favourite item from Louis Vuitton would have to be the Keepall
Bandouliere 55 ! It is classic, ABSOULTELY timeless and beautiful. It
really hope I will be able to get it and use it to travel to all the
beautiful places in the world one day.
My instagram account is Wubsthecat, and I can’t wait to see more of your
wonderful videos in the near future <3<3<3 Love from Toronto, Canada xoxo

Adria Martin says:

I don’t have any LV items, but I would DIE for a Neverfull MM in
Damier ebene. I LOVE big bags so there is just something about them that I
love. I have a few smaller purses and I never end up using them! I don’t
have any luxury items so it would be a treat to have an LV item! 

bumblebee says:

My favorite LV SLG is my GM agenda in Damien ebene. If I could have any LV
item, it would be the new studded handbag by louboutin/LV, with the
beautiful red pony hair leather on the back. Thanks for doing this generous
giveaway, just in time for Christmas.

Mike E says:

Hiya Jerusha,

Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! I would just love to own
something from a Louis store that I could only dream of going to! At the
moment I have to say my favorite dream item would have to be the Cotteville
45 (oh my! It’s sooooo beautiful!) I would just love to own some Louis hard
luggage because of the history behind it, one day I will have it on my
life! Thanks again for doing this Jerusha, it’s mage!! 😉 love always
Michael xx

P.s. I don’t have instagram unfortunately but I have been a dedicated
subscriber to your youtube for a looong time. 

Miss Kitten Heart says:

if I were to ever buy myself some lv, it would have to be something that
would work, no matter my size, something classic enough to last me many
years, but still something fun that would put a smile on my face when I
wear it. maybe something like the cherry monogram bucket bag – simple
style, cute print, great size – perfect!

Sarah Shin says:

Hi Jerusha, I wasn’t a big LV fan until I started watching your videos. My
husband caught me obsessing over your collection and surprised me with my
very first LV item, the Eva clutch last year for my birthday. I too put my
Eva back in the cloth, box and packaging just as I have received it because
it is my way of preserving it haha.. I’m glad your doing LV videos again,
love your energy!! xoxo Sarah

TifFani Fox B says:

Hi Jerusha, my favorite slg lv item will be my vernis key pouch in indian
rose and my emile wallet in damier ebene. In general, i just love the
vernis finishes, it just looks so gorgeous. And im impressed how emile
wallet can hold, when i use emile wallet, I don’t need to carry a card
holder anymore. For the handbag, I love my empreinte speedy bandouliere 25
in celeste and vernis alma bb in indian rose. I know favorite should be
just ONE, but it’s really hard to choose bwteen all those beautiful and
practical pieces. Love your videos, it always has been a joy to watch you
talk. You are so positive and funny all the time. Hope you have a good
christmas. Love you. xoxo

Passant EL-Nagar says:

Hi jerusha i don’t own any LV items now but hopefully one day i will when i
do i hope it will be the alma bb in epi leather btw i love you so much you
are fun hilarious and just gorgeous

Christina Mendoza says:

What a tough question to answer! I will probably say my favorite item I own
is my discontinued ludlow wallet that my husband bought me from the Paris
store, we had gone in for a purse and he surprised me with adding the
wallet.. I used it to death and it still looks amazing almost 10 years
later. Or my speedy 25 that he bought me when I turned 25. I don’t know.
Love LV so much but love the memories behind each purchases so much more
:). I dream of a keepall bandolier, hopefully soon 🙂 Thanks Jerusha!
xo~ Christina Mendoza 

myview says:

I love the vintage big travelling trunks with drawers that were used in
earlier part of the last century. If I could, that’s what would be the
ultimate piece as LV started there and were the very best. I would use it
as storage for all my cherished items at home! It would be like turning
back time and having a historic piece of a most romantic era. Having said
that, I have never owned any LV piece and for me the cute cle would be one
to purchaser and try out before making an investment (which would be huge
for me) in one of their hand bags.
Love your energy and enjoy your channel. Thanks

Camaylia says:

I dont own anything from LV but my favourite and wishlist items are the
cle pochette and the speedy 30 bandouliere in the damier print!! DING
!haha. Thank you for the giveaway Jerusha!!:)

Laura Greenfield says:

My Speedy 25 B in DE…love love love

Benjamin Abbott says:

Hey Jerusha, Thankyou so much for hosting this giveaway! I would love to
win anything from Louis Vuitton!

Nivi D says:

Hi Jerusha!! i always watch your videos!! you trasmit such a good energy
with your “ding” , “yayyyy” and “peace” hahaha
I own a couple of pieces from lv, and is due to you !!! you basically
convinced me with your videos hehe I actually got the last marie wallet
here in the U.S ( I live in NYC) long story XD.

I would feel horrible asking for the Monogram Illustre Collection Mini
Pochette, I think you should keep that piece!
and I cannot believe you are giving away these pieces! you are the best!!!

well, I would loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to have as option # 1 Damier Azur NM
Pochette Accessoires, or the Monogram Rouge Emilie Wallet … I never win
anything, but my husband told me to give it a try, so here i’m 😛

Even if I don’t win, all the blessing to you, God will give the you double
of what you give ( that what my mom always says 🙂 )

I have few videos I made but I haven’t downloaded them into youtube, I
actually sent some shoutouts to you,
but im kind of shy, so not sure if to download them…plus, I do not know
how to edit videos, and in one of them I fall in my butt :S and I don’t
know how to cut that part…

love your accent!!! <3


nyah blaine says:

Omg my absolute favorite Louis Vuitton bag would have to be the speedy 30.

Jeannie Pham says:

My favorite Louis Vuitton would have to be the speedy b 25 monogram with
the vacheta leather!! Thanks to your amazing video!! My instagram is
jeannie.pham.8 I really hope I win this giveaway. this would be my first

Delphine Saelens says:

Hello Jerusha
I really enjoyed watching your video!
And you have allot of beautyful things.
So I don’t know wich one I would like the most!
Thanx for posting your “small” collection 😀
I would love to win your give a way ! .
Love from Belgium !!

Emily Mao says:

Jerusha thank you so much for doing this incredible giveaway! My favorite
LV item is the Clemence wallet and my Instagram is @emilyy_mao!

Marilyn Erwin says:

Hi JErUsHa,
I don’t know why your name comes up this way, can’t seem to change but it’s
fun looking. My favorite is my Neverfull, would love to own a cles someday!
My name is Marilyn. Ps LOVE your collection and hydrangeas! Awesome!

Isabel Geraldes says:

Hi! My favorite LV item is the domestics pouch. A classic! Thanks for the
giveaway! xx

Amy Mazz says:

What a wonderful contest! I dream of a speedy b 30 in damier ebene

Melissa Cordova says:

Omg I found you a few weeks ago and love watching your videos! (Your accent
is a bonus) 🙂 I own a Damier Neverful MM and I will be buying the Speedy
30 for Christmas! But I’d LOOVE to get my hands on a Pallas!1 They are sooo
Gorgeous! :)

kvloveslv says:

Hi Jerusha! My favorite lv item is my key cles. Such a small piece but so
cute. Thank u for the giveaway! 

Chivon Anderson says:

My Favorite LV item is the Damier Ebene Speedy 30 but the monogram cles is
my second fave and it was a toss up between the two. I want to start my
collection with the monogram cles so I’m excited to enter. Youtube name os
Chivon Anderson and Gemdiaries

YANI KM says:

Hi Jerusha. I don’t own any LV items but my favorite would be the Speedy 25
Bandouliere. My name is Yani and my Instagram is yani.s_world. Thank you
for doing this great giveaway.

neicebug says:

I love all of your collection! I am partial to my never fulls but they are
all wonderful!

nana vgm says:

Wow, what an amazing collection!!!!

Inès Poupon says:

I followed the rules. I participate in your contest. I have the consent of
my parents.
You’re lots are great! I like them all. I have no preference.
good day, xoxoxo ♥♥♥

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