Louis Vuitton Six Ring Key Holder vs. Key Pouch II Africah Harrigan

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This is a comparison video between the Louis Vuitton Six Ring Key Holder and the Key Pouch. You will learn the pros and cons of each item.
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Chloe Luckin says:

❤️❤️I LOVED THIS VIDEO! I also have a video on my channel of a Review of the Key Pouch, along with uses and what fits! I'd love if you coulda check it out!!! 😍😍

SCharitysBakery says:

Hi Diva, I saw you are at 999 so I subbed yah 1000, I also do lux unboxings videos and lots more come check me out.

Asha H says:

Africah thanks once again for helping me make my decision. For a while now I was struggling in deciding whether to buy the 6 Ring Key Holder of the Key Pouch. I think I'll take your advice as get the key pouch first!

Chic Noir29 says:

Thanks for this video. New subscriber because of this video.

T E E says:

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on these pieces.

ChloeWorld BN says:

Great comparison 🙂 Thank you for sharing ♥♥♥

Cheraye C Lewis says:

I love My key pouch it's of founctional for me, I carry everything in it lol thanks for the comparison ! I'm a New YouTuber here. please check out  my channel. Subscribe and I'll subs back. thanks Love 😘

Linda Shaffer says:

I have both. Both are great slgs. I absolutely use my 6 key holder everyday. I keep my license and debit card in it. Easy to grab & go.

ExcellenceinSpirit says:

The key pouch was my first piece of the two. Initially, I attached my keys to the gold ring from time to time, but did not want to induce wear and tear on the metal ring so I stopped doing so. I now use it strictly as an id/card holder. I acquired the six ring key holder a while after, and enjoy using it strictly for my keys. I guess I am kind of finicky, and try to keep my items in the best condition as possible though I do use them quite frequently. Both are pieces are nice. Thank you for a thorough comparative review.

Bonnie Jordan says:

I love 💕the six key holder too !

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