Louis Vuitton shoe making in Fiesso d’Artico (loafers)

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The making of Louis Vuiton loafers in Fiesso d’Artico’s workshops.

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Yes, agreed 100% Labels are very important to the proletariat as real quality is not visible to them. LV was once a great name. Sadly, this was a very, very long time ago. Today however, owning pretty much any LV product is an open advertisement of a persons ignorance and lack of genuine taste.

Philipe Cruz says:

O_O They’re like “SHOE” scientist :)

batikanars says:

please dont put so big LV front of it looks soo cheap ;(

emperorny says:

Wow con razor son Carlos Estos Zapatista, si llevan un processor de fabrication muy minucioso

meme m'c says:

dolares o pesos amigo ?

ksi mohi says:

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dariusandrews45 says:

People did to stop hating because you can’t afford name brand stuff

Ahmed Sheikh says:

and BOOM! $800!

SheWantsLuke says:

Looksss shexy to meh doe.

K1L3RB says:

What tune is this?

mrnm2000 says:

ohh well not so funny

johnnyjr2345 says:

It was a joke dummy.

mrnm2000 says:

louis vuitton is dead you idiot

Juan Licera says:

u mean the sole of the shoe not the soul because its soul is the effort and dedication these people put on these shoes during the manufacture process. right? And besides tacky or not tacky it just depends on who wears it! if u are a hideous person these shoes would look hideous on you for sure. But if u wear these loafers with elegance and class that´s how u will look like. But of course u are free to think whatever u like. 🙂

chaunceyvioli says:

how does a shoe have soul? Their just regular black driving loafers and have no wild or abnormal design, so how would they be hideous? Sure one may think that the LV is tacky, especially if someone doesnt like brand logos, but its the same size a penny strap or tassels would be, so its not out of proportion and doesnt attract any more attention than say gucci horsebit loafers would. So what exactly makes these “hideous”??

123admini2r says:

Bitch please, kids in china handmade this better and cheaper.

Mina Fouad says:

A style never die..

Erik Boaretto says:


JK Low says:

These are “loafer-style” driving shoes, and the overall profile looks excellent.
However, that LV metal band is too big and garish.
If you can afford to buy one, you’ll be probably driving an expensive car, and no longer need to openly advertise the brand of the shoe.

Terry Angel says:

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jlloyd2004mcs says:

The music is absolutely maddening.

Arnion900 says:

then dont buy em

آل كابوني says:

والله شغلة ماهي بسهلة

RResistance says:

It’s one shoe that doesn’t look that nice that doesn’t mean all of there shoes are ugly

sweet heart says:

the shoes are Made in china, and the final touches are done in italy

Flo Si says:

Music please! 🙁

Sagar Chauhan says:

I agree about the strap but the soles purpose is to increase sensitivity in the foot whilst driving. They are driving shoes if you look on the website 🙂

Mattias Bardenheuer says:

What song is this!?
The only thing I liked about the video…

AldoGnz says:

thats apply only for clothing, not accesories and LV shoes are “made in italy” not france.

AldoGnz says:

Probably we are watching the making of shoe samples, not the real production

AldoGnz says:

Stupid ppl that doesnt understand the whole business, handcrafted products = more time for each piece = less number of pieces = higher prices to get a profit and you are not thinking about the cost of having big stores, advertising, runways and more… from some place you have to get the cash.

rocker129678 says:

lmao whatever you say buddy.

lexiconlover says:

Just by watching this video, I could make a pattern and create this shoe at home. I don’t know the exact formula they use to create those weird sole bottoms but the rest is fairly understandable.

DjBLaKSponge says:

that dude could fingerblast chicks like crazy

Telmuun Boldbaatar says:

how the hell this shoe costs more than 2000$ Stupid ppl just buy the brand not the shoe

Dominic Ma says:

Fake! truth is some Chinese workers making shoes in a messy factory.

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