Louis vuitton Sarah wallet

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“Not a review” Purchased replica item brought it to an LV boutique that confirmed my suspicions I read sellers feedback no red flags Asked for picture of dat…

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crunk4124 says:

I’m seeing all those bitches on YouTube so proud of showing off their stupid Louis Vuitton’s items but this video is probably the only one mentioning good info for people out there. Cheers

vinbenphon1 says:

I know, so very scary. Will you leave negative feedback on this item? I hope you report this seller to ebay. Ebay have been sued by Louis Vuitton a few years back as 90% of LV products on ebay were found to be FAKE…. So I’m sure both Ebay and LV will appreciate it if you do report it. I have just purchased a Sarah in multicolore on ebay and intend to take it in to LV to get it hot-stammped. I shall do a video on my experience, fingers crossed that mine is authentic.. I am 97% sure it is. 🙂

sincerelyyoursboutiq says:

You are not alone…this happen to me as well. I will only buy from the LV store now. It’s just not worth the trouble and worry to me. You get what you pay for. It’s so sad that people take advantage. Thanks for sharing

ddgladiva says:

Ebay can be soo scary unfortunately. I hate sellers who use pictures of real items then seen you a fake, deplorable ! Glad you can get your money back with paypal. People have a lot of nerve 1

esterkahubiduhterka says:

did you also asked about receipt? i bought many and defintely were all real, i bought chanel, gucci,lv

esterkahubiduhterka says:

can you tell us who is the seller so we can report them and not buy there by chance. thanks for Sharing!!

bjtaylor02 says:

Excellent video on how close the fakes are to the authentic. It may be easy to tell the difference when you have the authentic to compare side by side, but when you don’t you can’t really tell. Congrats on your purchase!

tiffany vuitton says:

Yeah, its scary that replicas are looking so much like the real thing.

tiffany vuitton says:

Thank you. I am enjoying the Sarah wallet. I have used it every day since I purchased it. I am very thankful that Ebay and Paypal has set that up

thelifeofaangel says:

wow they look the same. ebay is so scary. even all the information in the world cant help if the seller uses real photos and then sends you a fake. i hope you get your money back.

chrisjaycabello says:

Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience, good think eBay and PayPal has buyers protection! Enjoy you new purchase! JNC

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