“Louis Vuitton” | Russell Peters – Red, White, and Brown

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Don’t try to sell a Louis Vuitton bag to an Indian! Here’s a clip from my 2008 special, “Red, White, and Brown.”

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Shaikh Mohammed Yunus says:

its been 24 fucking years and you still see few indians losing their shitt over this….

Nibedita Roy says:

he explains the hand gesture to people yet he says he doesn't know the fuck it means? That's one piece of hypocrite right there

P00TANARA says:

We never get the end of the story…did he buy the bag???

QuickBeat says:

Its funny because relatable

Preeti Rachel Jasper says:

Cried laughing ????

Sandy Voruganti says:

And this guy must have been to some road side shop keepers in India to buy, because they hardly speak other language apart from their own. And in India they got to learn/know one or more languages, because India has got more than 100 languages and you can't expect us to be perfect in all the languages and English too.
Though I'm a big fan of Russell Peters, this joke fu*ked up.
By the way, now a days hardly ppl have bargaining power, most of the products has got their MRP marked on it to sell the same price..

Harry Veras says:

Nice to hear racist jokes and people not get mad.

JDoactive says:

2:31 You all think he's laughing but he's actually crying of humiliation

Jack Connor says:

Guess Chinese people aren't cheap any more.

Dilip Kuthe says:

2:27 that sound,??

nitha acharya says:

indians r naturally very funny…

-Hola Hello says:

Not 100% accurate about Chinese people. HK people may not buy a lot, but people from china go crazy buying high end or luxury products.

-Hola Hello says:

Not 100% accurate about Chinese people. HK people may not buy a lot, but people from china go crazy buying high end or luxury products.

I Love U.S.A says:

Indians are very cheap, they don't tip.

Oh Ryan says:

lady at 1:17 is cute.

Gaurav Jakhar says:

u fuck retard…..

gurnoor singh says:

All the Indian stuff is so true ;D

JacketOwner says:


Kitarp iar says:

I remember when my Indian friend pronounced rendezvous as ran-des-vos…

karan surya says:

you had guts come India and give speech what is done in previous speech just try boss after you not guess what happened to you that's depends your fortune.

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