Louis Vuitton Reviews: Zippy Compact Wallet

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Back with Louis Vuitton Reviews!! This is a must have! Super Compact Alert, next to being my most Used item it’s a beautiful wallet. The Zippy Compact in Dam…

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summer smile says:

Hi Jerusha! Thanks for the very detailed review! It helped a lot when I was
deciding on my next LV puchase. I just bought my Zippy Compact Wallet, had
it hot stamped.. and i’m so happy with it!! :)

katiethegreater says:

absolutely fantastic review! I came here from your LV collection video 🙂

Skye Borges says:

I love buying authentic lv items but honestly the price is insane.. Your
wallet is lovely but it looks like the brass has faded :/

Paulette Jones says:

A superb review! Well done. I’m temped to buy one, but my husband would
kill me! I’m into Michael Kors at the moment. What do you think of his bags

Shopoholic says:

Do you still use this item?

Rachel Rae says:

” and I was like many if its Vuitton” that made me laugh 🙂 great video and
a lovely piece

amber franklin says:

we had weather like that over here in the UK earlier this year

teenauh says:

I got mine today….during my unboxing I was I was speechless…..I LUV IT!
Thanks for a great review.

goddessjess says:

I have to tell you Jerusha that your videos are some my favorite to watch!
You have such a cheerful and genuinely sweet personality….:)…..

ambbourdie79 says:

I just purchased this wallet yesterday in Damier Ebene. I love it so much!

Anna Chaffey says:

I like how you keep your notes. I have the same wallet and keep mine behind
the “check book” return… Then keep the cash I want to hide from drunk
Anna in the back pocket lol

Bryn Larsen says:

I wish I could be in that heat! It’s -39 C in Canada right now 🙁

claudpat11 says:

So funny!! It is freezing here in NYC!! Sooo cold.. Love your reviews!!
Stay cool lady

Shanti Sangit says:

another fab review!

bjtaylor02 says:

Love your review. Makes me want to run out and buy the Zippy Compact wallet!

missfrasier1 says:

Hey jerusha I just came from Bloomingdales and saw this wallet. It is mind
blowing. Your presentation was awesome. New subscriber here lol

j king says:

guess who just ordered her zippy compact? ding!! this girl!! loved the
review thank you girlie!!!! so excited to add it to my collection….i
decided to get the monogram!! 🙂

Lovlv1908 says:

Hey can you do a review on the artsy mm ? I found your video’s very helpful
thanks 🙂

MissNewKabuki says:

It looks really stuffed, be careful it doesn’t mess with your zipper. I
really love this wallets will have to check it out. Thanks 🙂

Jiab Riabroy says:

Girl, I am getting this wallet because of you! 🙂

sasuki604 says:

Is the stamping a complimentary service or do u have to pay extra?

ShopaholicBecky83 says:

Hi dear i found your channel few days ago and i love your taste and your
passion for fashion and beautiful handbags… me too!!!! Byeeee :-)))

Amanda Culley says:

luv the wallet just wondered how much it was looks the business.

randomchick22s says:

its -13 in Canada!!! lol

Anna V says:

jerusha i hope you’ll consider applying for a job in TV particularly in
travel and fashion. you’re personality is bubbly and perky, you are very
articulate, you have a great smile and I love your accent. It would really
be nice to see someone like you in TV ala- Anthony Bourdain but instead of
food and culture yours will be about travel and luxury fashion.

brokencameo says:

The last time I went to an LV store, the salesperson actually told me that
they are going to discontinue the zippy compact! So they are selling the
last pieces in their stocks now! Thanks for the review! 🙂

Nancy L says:

Thanks! I was searching a for wallet that wasn’t too big or long and this
is the perfect size in a lv wallet. I’m saving for one.

Gabby L says:

Get vid! Ur hilarious! I have zcp and can’t change back to my coach wallet
either lol. May be time to upgrade to zcw in a yr or 2. Thx!

BRITTG111 says:

funny bc its 9 degrees in ny!

aimesbegonia says:

Hey J – if you have a pochette (new style or older), could you tell me if
the zippy compact wallet fits in it? I have the zippy coin purse wallet in
mono, which i adore, but I’m lemming the CZW in azur to go in my new azur
pochette…. Its almost spring here so I think I’m getting into azur just
because I want to usher that spring/summer feeling in asap! You’re summer
video here is just feeding the fire – I think I’ll go self tan now as I’m
in my pasty winter white skin. HA!

Cormac IRL says:

Obsessively watching you zip and unzip….. I want a ZCW in DE so bad! Such
a natural at video review Jerusha!

Yuki Bear says:

Gorgeous Wallet 🙂 I have the LV Joey Wallet, as I like the buckle. I am
warming to the zip though… Great review!!

cupcakesandXbones says:

Want to watch another review? After you watch the amazing Jerusha, check
out my channel for a zippy compact review 😉 don’t forget to subscribe if
you like what you see 🙂

xomissmestiza says:

Hey babe! I totally miss this wallet! I wish I never sold it lol! But the
lusting continues til I find a wallet that best suits my needs! I thought
the Kusama zippy would be for me but I just cant justify $900+ on a wallet
when I could put that towards a bag!! Miss yaaaaa <3

aleesang says:

You and Katie really make me want to get this so much! Great review, as
always. Thoroughly enjoy the great detail you go into them! And I’m loving
your hair! xox

TheCrissycri says:

like like like your video, you are so cute! Thank you ! ciao ciao from Italy

Anika Libor says:

Ur such a sunny lovely girl. It makes so much fun to listen when ur talking
about LV!! U bring the australien sun to cloudy cold Austria (the land
without kangaroos ;))

7981allnatural says:

I think I’m in loveeee with this wallet!!

Janet Sema says:

even in Miami it’s COLD !!! +17 I think i want this wallet now instead of
Emilie!!! hmmm Great review.

TheRadiohead77 says:

Jerusha Doll Your such a Sweet Heart 🙂 I can tell you a Very Down to Earth
Person and you are Not like the Other’s here in YouTube that are all about
Showing Off and is the Reason why I am a Subscriber to your Channel 🙂 I am
saving to own my First LV Wallet. I want to start off with the wallet
instead of the handbag but would like your Adivse?

BobbyLovesLV says:

I love your humor and personality. I have this wallet in azur. You were my
influence LOLOL!

Lovelle77 says:

Great thorough review xxx

Guhbubbish says:

Wonderful video! I always enjoy your LV videos…can’t get enough of them!

MissKristy808 says:

Hi Jerusha, Thank you so much for your review on the Zippy Compact Wallet.
I went was thinking about getting this wallet but wasn’t quite sure. After
seeing your review I immediately went out and purchased one in Damier
Ebene. Love, love, love the wallet. Got home and played with the zipper.

Angie Ferrara says:

Jerusha i couldn’t resist. I went out and purchased the compact Zippy
wallet in the damier ebene. I love, love it!

Ariadna Monroy says:

Love your reviews..! It would be great to watch one on the LV Insolite
Organizer. Hopefully one day….. Best regards and thanks in advance..!

Bubblesdeals says:

I recently bought the zippy compact in monogram print because of your
video! Thanks!

naly3782 says:

Love the wallet and your ring!

phoenixrose85 says:

Hey Jerusha, is there any piece in your collection that you regret buying?!
Could you do a “Louis Vuitton: Regret” type of video please: )

Alex Marcelo says:

fabulous vid as always. the heat reached 46 in most parts in western
Sydney. glad that day is over

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