Louis Vuitton Review – Zippy Compact Wallet

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Just my review of the Damier Ebene Zippy Compact Wallet by Louis Vuitton.

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LVboyoverboard says:

Isn’t it?! I think it’s the perfect style. Love your Kusama, btw! I’d love if they’d release some of the LE designs in the Zippy Compact too!

BobbyLovesLV says:

I have this wallet in azur. It’s the best!!!!!

LVboyoverboard says:

Thanks! I always recommend this wallet to anyone looking at investing in an LV wallet.

LVboyoverboard says:

Yeah, it’s great! You really don’t have to baby it at all. I don’t throw any of my things around, but I haven’t given this any special treatment and it’s truly held up much better than any of the other wallets I’ve had over the years. Amazing quality!

LuxeAddiction says:

This review make me want to get the zippy coin purse so bad! haha
Great review! 🙂

whymett2011 says:

I got my wallet in feb and your wallet looks just as new. I use it the same way, no coins and the back pocket for receipts cash in the flap its truly a great wallet.

missfrasier1 says:

I would gladly get this in graphite and ebene . This wallet is all you need

LVboyoverboard says:

This is from the women’s collection, but I think it’s pretty much unisex. They now have a very similar model in Graphite too, from the men’s collection.

LVboyoverboard says:

Thanks! :)

LVboyoverboard says:

Thank you. Yeah, I love this wallet in Ebene. Maybe a Zippy Organiser in Monogram next! 😀

LVboyoverboard says:

Thank you. 🙂

LVboyoverboard says:

I could easily have one of these in every print!

LVboyoverboard says:

It comes highly recommended!

agnes z says:

Love this wallet. Thx for the review. I think this will be my next purchase from lv. Cheers. Btw, is this ladies or mens?

louisv83 says:

Great review love this wallet

xraygigi says:

Such a beautiful wallet! Especially love it in the ebene canvas.. Great review!  =)

missfrasier1 says:


dougdz11 says:

Great review!

missfrasier1 says:

Hey bro now I want this wallet…haha. Thanks for subscribing

Helene Peloquin says:

I like this wallet but did not buy yet. Thanks!

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