Louis Vuitton – Review of the Purse Bling Organizer for Speedy 30

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Here’s my review of the Purse Bling brand purse organizer for a Louis Vuitton Speedy 30. Its a great product I ordered directly from the Purse Bling website:…

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CarolLG55 says:

Thanks so much! I love watching everyones videos too. I’m planning my next one…..

NaturalLuxeDiva says:

Congratulations on your first video. I love watching LV videos. I will continue to support you by subscribing. Thanks for sharing :-)

CarolLG55 says:

If I take the coach wristlet out ’cause I don’t to need to carry those items then it takes on the slouchier look again even with the organizer. I always liked the saggy look on the Speedy.

CarolLG55 says:

thank you

CarolLG55 says:

Thanks! I’ve never use an organizer before but then again tended not to buy bags that were bottomless pits like the Speedy 🙂

alexa2411051 says:

i prefer the speedy without the purse organizer….but sometimes needs time to find things 🙂

alexa2411051 says:

your speedy is beautyful

MSpanders10 says:

I enjoyed your video, I used an organizer for years and just recently I have not been using one and am enjoying that.  🙂

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