Louis Vuitton re reveal Louis Vuiton speedy B empriente 25!

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Adrienne Dudley says:

I love your videos!! I really want this one in the pink not sure if color would transfer?

Cee Cee says:

if I've never watched any of your other videos, this one would've had me hooked. I enjoy your spirit. 😊

jessica rispoli says:

nice bag. where did you purchase from. im tryin to learn all the designers cosignment shops. thanks

Sophisticated lady MRS JUICEE BABY says:

Awesome 💞💞

Connie Lahman says:

Hi Susan,I love all your videos! I am thinking of getting ur exact purse but I hear they loose their shape especially if using as crossbody.Would you please let me know if your purse has issues like that and if you sell love it. I was also thinking of getting the Montaigne mm in noir and I saw your video on that bag again would appreciate your current views on that bag also. thank you so much

Emily Quinn says:

Great in depth video! This is my DREAM bag and I've been on the hunt for a preloved as I want infini or noir in the 25 plus these are so expensive I wouldn't mind saving a bit of money on it as well! My apologies if you mentioned but what site did you use? Thank you!

FloridaSweety says:

I know this video is an older one but since I found your channel the other day I am just catching up.  Had to comment on how sweet it is to see your excitement!!  I get excited for you!    Babs

ibee4u2luv says:

Lovely bag! And great trade off for this one. Totally meant to be. I am currently trying to decide between this and the Alma in DE canvas, but having a hard time choosing just one. I know it hasn't been that long since you received this, but how has this purse held up for you?

Bee Rachael says:

Id love an update on it after using for a while x

Szys says:

Thank u!! And thanks for watching! xoxoxo

Kellie Corinne says:

congrats! lovely bag.

Jvictorin23 says:

Wow what an amazing find. Such a gorgeous bag. Congratulations on your new beauty.

Crystal Lee says:

gorgeous! where do you go to buy/sell pre loved items? 

Luvlylee337 says:

Gorgeous..Boy do you a great luck..lol..Good things come to good people 😉 If you dont mind me asking what site did you find this beauty?

M C says:

I love your new LV SB ME 25 in the Noir! I want one in the Noir so baaaaaad for the size 25. Congratulations! Thank you for sharing! 🙂 xoxoxoxo

CatLover says:

Beautiful bag so happy for you

Hungarian Tornado says:

this bag is in perrrrrect condition wow! 🙂 xx

Jill Lewis says:

Beautiful bag!  Thank you for sharing.  Do you get your preloved items authenticated?  If so, where?

Stanleydragonjr says:

Beautiful,use it in the best of health

FijiChic says:

Congrats on your mint condition beauty:) Love it!

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