LOUIS VUITTON Pocket Organiser NM Review – Best Unisex Item!!

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A great SLG – truly unisex – this Pocket Organiser NM is a card holder and small wallet all in one! Very versatile as it allows you to hold your cards in eit…

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Serafina Recalcitrant says:

I am luving your hair and the background. I like the way the card slots are
made. TFS. Hugs, Kiki

Bking228 says:

great review! Love how you explained everything and the close up shots.
Can’t wait to buy. Do you know how they are with color transfer? That’s the
only thing I’m worried about..I plan on getting this color too.

Lee Janelle says:

I have this item and I use it in all my clutches as a wallet and Love it…

Alejandra Lopez says:

I love this wallet..

MSpanders10 says:

Thanks for the review. :-)

MNicoleChic says:

Super adorable.

pimpgerbilmouse says:

my boyfriend has the graphite version and he uses it for his wallet and he
loves it!

Karina Rasmuss says:

Great revue:))

kimetra24 says:

Yes you’re correct…NM= New Model. Great review!

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