Louis Vuitton Pochette NM and Eva Clutch Comparison !

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Hi guys this is a requested comparison of the Louis Vuitton Pochette NM and the Eva Clutch! Sorry for the choppiness of the video it was my 3rd in one day. F…

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thelifeofaangel says:

Yes its seems as if i do have all three prints never really looked at it . thank you for watching

thelifeofaangel says:

thank you. had to find a understanding way to show

fancyfee929 says:

Love this comparison video! You have clutches in all three prints!

Abbey Mugroso says:

Thanks for sharing 🙂
nice comparison video.

MSpanders10 says:

Thank you I am so enjoying her! 🙂

thelifeofaangel says:

thank you, i seem to have gotten this question and request so many times i had to find a easy way to so. thanks for watching love your new doggie

thelifeofaangel says:

thank you. i was so tired by the time i got to this video i wasnt sure how i would compare, so this method saved me. i knew people would understand makeup talk. and im getting a little better with focusing the attention on my bags as i feel my face is a distraction sometimes (not that its bad). it seems to be working

xraygigi says:

I adore all your videos and value your opinion.
Great comparison video! Very helpful! Thanks for doing this!!

MSpanders10 says:

What a great video!

fab moussy says:

Great comparisongood job

thelifeofaangel says:

Oh yes double twins they are both great bags that i use for different purposes. I have a long list of videos but wanted to put out the eva/pochette comparison as it is a common request for me. i tried not to sway my opinion instead visually show and let the view decided. but in the end i have both so i love them dearly. xoxo Angel 😉

thelifeofaangel says:

Yes the eva clutch can hold a great amount of items dont let the size fool you. the bowed shape really does help. I forgot to mention though ( i will put in the description box) that the wallet and cles in the eva was empty but the wallet and the cles in the pochette NM were full which is why i said the pochette NM holds more. xoxo Angel

thelifeofaangel says:

Thank you, Im learning new ways to get my point across a bit quicker and accurately. thanks for watching

thelifeofaangel says:

Thanks at the last minute i found a decent way to show the hold of the bags (got to talk in woman terms) i think they are both great bags …. And im always happy to share my thoughts as much as i can. 😉

thelifeofaangel says:

Thank you .

thelifeofaangel says:

Thank you , i had quite a few request for this comparison so i was happy to mass answer common fitting questions. thank you for watching. 😉

thelifeofaangel says:

Thank you !

Mary Hanson says:

Well done. Thank you!!

MissCielle101 says:

Love all of your videos! We are Pochette and Eva twins, only in different prints! Wish you a lovely week my friend! xoxox

MissExpensivePink says:

I really LOOOOVE the Eva Clutch, and thanks for this video cos now I know that that baby can really whole a lot 😀 I need her in my life!!!! x,Lara

carylhope says:

Great comparison… Thoroughly enjoyed watching this! Very helpful and now I want a DA pochette NM. ✨❤✨

kimjo007 says:

Loved this video! I’ve been debating both for a while… Looks like I’ll be making a purchase. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

agnes z says:

Great comparison! Thx!

Lisa Pedersen says:

Just a wonderful video, I really appreciate you making this, quite helpful!!!

thelifeofaangel says:

you welcome. im just passing on information in the end the decision is yours. i just like to put up a fight on info. i love the pochette in the long run its style will be around for decades to come.

whymett2011 says:

This really was a great comparison I have the new pochette de n wondered if I should get Eva but since you also did the chains from eBay seller I can make they a crossbody too so I don’t need Eva now thanks girl

thelifeofaangel says:

Thank you i was trying to figure out a fair way to compare the two and this came to mind thanks for watching. 😉

FantasmicOrgasmic says:

This is the PERFECT comparison! I love this video, you are awesome 🙂

thelifeofaangel says:

thank you , i love pochettes and clutches. i want a epi leather black pochette. thanks for watching.

lovebags2010 says:

Excellent vid and very informative!! I’m loving my pouchette but now I want one in another print lol

thelifeofaangel says:

Yes two times purse twins. I love both bags but many ask me the difference between the 2 glad this helps.

thelifeofaangel says:

Thank you, im happy to hear that you liked it as i wasn’t sure if the comparison i was trying to do was understandable. 😉

Helene Peloquin says:

We are DA pochette twins. Love it, so cute. Like that you did a comparison video. I also have the Eva DE and use it a lot.

bjtaylor02 says:

Excellent comparison video!!! Thank you.

thelifeofaangel says:

Thanks my pochette was made in Spain. I want one made in France. Im happy i was able to help in my video.

thelifeofaangel says:

Thank you , i had alot of catching up to do on my channel. I’m delirious in this video .

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