Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis Full Reveal/Review + What’s in my Bag

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KSBM A says:

hi have you had any cracking or glazing issues? I'm deciding on getting this bag but I'm just little iffy because of possible glazing issues where the flap opening is

Vivien Cheng says:

this bag is so beautiful. is it very heavy on its own ?

Elizabeth O says:

"you should see the look I'm getting" … Eye rolling I'm sure lol? I would never in my lifetime be able to afford this bag – even used, but it's pretty and I'm glad you like it! I like this series! – Elizabeth

Hnin Shein says:

Hoping you to review for Chanel bag soon. Actually my dream bag?

Francesca C says:

The vachetta on your bag has a beautiful patina. X

Gail Miranda Falcione says:

Yes you pronounced métis right.

Izziebiz says:

LV Monogram bags are made of canvas, only handle and trim is leather. Love this bag, but too many pp carry it now.

Khryztal Reyes says:

Beautiful review, loved it. Yes, it would be great to have a review on the wallet. Thanks for your time. Keep it up you rock!

Leah Dunn says:

Louis Vuitton collection video??

Krisword says:

You touched the body of the bag when you mentioned how the leather was holding up. The only leather on the bag is the handle. The body of the bag is coated canvas. It's a PVC plastic coating on top of canvas material. The bag unfortunately is not made of leather. For the price you'd think it would be though!

deequu says:

If you buff out the plate, or with a microfibre cloth, it won't be so cloudy.

Savage Wolf says:


Katherine Holmes says:

Yes to the review on the wallet!

theGrace4 says:

Angela, love your lips colour here! Actually, like it more than beige. I think it suits you more
The bag is gorgeous

Kristen Rickenbaker says:

I would love to see a review on a birkin bag. Rory Gilmore style!

Jennifer Klimas says:

A great bag. Yours has a pretty patina. This bag has the upside LV monogram in the back, or one continuing piece of the monogram canvas. To me, it adds to the popularity of the bag. I got mine about two months ago. When I went to the LV store, the bag was not on display. So, I asked and they had three in stock. Great video. Thank you.

Anita Szepelska says:

How can one be so beautiful

xjenni561x says:

Please do a video on your Invisalign experience!

ximena says:

I love this reviews, you should totally do a chanel review, like the classic handbag, is small but I thinks is really pretty and really classy, or like the large shopping bag, I love chanel bags, they are so pretty and classic

Donna Wagner says:

Thanks for the review! Lots to consider when making such an investment, so I really appreciate your pros and cons. Hope you have a great day! 🙂

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