Louis Vuitton Pochette Metis chat♡My SpeedyB repair♡Twinset comparison♡ LV unboxing!!

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Super Duper Chat chat chat! Ok time for help guys tell me what you think of my
Pochette Metis dramas!!
I hope you like this mix up video wooh it was long but I love filming them for you guys!
Hope you Enjoy
Thanks for watching

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clairerabbit123 says:

I want to have Pochette Metis! Thank you for your review :)

Cloudburst2000 says:

Personally, I would sell the Pochette Metis (rather similar in shape to the twinset) and get the Pochette Hobo. I thought the Pochette Hobo looked really great on you.

maddieshops says:

Follow your heart! Last year I bought the artsy and always regretted not getting the Metis hobo! I love the pochette Metis though! Ugh struggle is real.

Maria Cruz Melendez says:

The hobo métis is amazeballs. Definitely get it. BUT do not sell the pochette métis. I think you'll regret it. Unless you think you will just stop using it because of the fact that you have to pack a little lighter, you should hold onto it. Watch yourself in your videos when you first describe how excited you were that you snagged an original model. That's priceless. Don't give it up.

Holly Irene says:

Jerusha babe, you shouldn't have to justify wanting to sell and buy a new bag. It's your life! Go for it girl! You look GORGEOUS btw. Much love from Buffalo, NY ?

luv jones says:

I luv,luv,luv,luv my Metis hobo bag!! You inspired me to do my very first YouTube video which was what fits in my bag featuring the Metis hobo. Please watch my video for a review…….and maybe I'll take the time to do an updated review. Luv the twinset!

LVlover cc says:

Just got to watch this vid my dear after a vacation!! I love this type of chit chat vid sooooooooooooooooo much!!!!! Love learning and hearing diff opinions on the bags! I loved every single bag that i once owned just like you said in this vid. I keep the bag based on how much usage it gets from me not just bec i love the bag so much. I love all and all hahahhaah Yes would love to watch your why i sold bags vid!!!!!!!!! By the way you look fab and gorgeous!!!! xoxo cc

thelilestkat says:

Have the Metis hobo and LOVE it!! Good luck deciding!!!

Francesca Borromeo says:

I've never liked the pochette metis, but I love the metis hobo. So, since u just bought the twinset which is amazing, i would suggest to sell the pochette metis and buy the metis hobo. For an easy cross body bag u already have the twinset!! hope i helped u!

Sabrina Lyons says:

OMFG the hobo bag is killer! Suits you so much! (Soz, going to be a devil on your shoulder saying you should get it haha)

EvaInTheCity says:

LOVE your braid! I also have long hair like you, would you consider doing a hair care for long hair video? (hey, that rhymes) :)

Deanna Machado says:

Love your whole look in this video! Hair is on point ?

MonaCo Flowers says:

hey jerusha i have one question my mom wants to get LV bag but she dose not know what bag to pick she want a small bag but she want a small bag that can fit her main things and wont be hard to gets In and out of the bag

Viktoria “Voguetoria” Viktoria says:

You look stunning!
And i love the metis hobo.. So beautiful and it suits you! And yessss please do a video about your sold bags!
Love you

Pee Dub says:

Keep the Pochette Metis in the original version and add the Metis later. Two totally different bags, for different purposes.

Tiff lucky says:

looking good jerusha! luv the hair

Elianah says:

Hi J, I have the métis hobo and love it! It's can get a bit heavy (duh, shouldn't carry so much) but that said, I love it! It lies flat, looks beautiful on and it looks chic. The interior is dark so things can get lost but even with that, still love it. Long story short, love my métis. Wouldn't even think of selling it, heart mine….

Ida solomon says:

You should get the Metis hobo. It's a beautiful bag. I have it and LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Thicker canvas too. Let me know if you would like to see pictures.

Robyn K says:

Hi Jerusha – you look stunning in this video!  The Metis hobo is a fabulous bag, I own it and have loved it every single day I've worn it. Don't think about it, just do it 😉  The canvas is softer too…..

ermi sarausa says:

Keep the bag… You are going to regret it if you sell it. I have mine and still love it to death. USA prices for the pochette Metis is $1650

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