LOUIS VUITTON POCHETTE COMPARISON | Mini Pochette vs Pochette Accesoires | KWSHOPS

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Hi Guys!

I saw tons of Youtubers mention the Louis Vuitton Mini Pochette in the Forever Favorites Tag, also it’s coming up on one year since I purchased this little beauty. In today’s video I’m going to review it and show you what types of items fit inside.
As a bonus, we’ve gotten a larger Louis Vuitton Pochette (I later discovered that it is actually the Pochette Navona, not the old style Pochette Accessoire!)
This came in to work and is CURRENTLY AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE! It is currently $500 including shipping and we invoice through Paypal! send me an email to MSKWSHOPS@GMAIL.COM. I will update here when it has sold!

MY INSTAGRAM! – http://bit.ly/2uWs10j
EMAIL ME! – mskwshops@gmail.com

FOREVER FAVORITES TAG http://bit.ly/2FFdrmx

-Louis Vuiton Mini Pochette http://vuitton.lv/2w3v8qg
-(they’re sold out right now but there are some available on Fashionphile) http://bit.ly/2FJx90I

Filmed with Sony A5000 http://bit.ly/2BocB6U
Video Editing: iMovie + Filmaker Pro on iPad
Music courtesy of Frequency https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XxIdyP0-64
Misho – Never Let Me Go Link: https://youtu.be/1XxIdyP0-64

This video was not sponsored. Some (not all) of the links that I use are affiliate links, which means that I receive a small commission percentage of sales. You as a consumer do not pay any more or less as a result of using them. They do help support my channel, and I really appreciate if you do!

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KWShops says:

I love my mini pochette and use it as a catch-all inside of my bag! Do you guys use a catch-all of any sort inside of your bags? Which of these two do you prefer and why? LMK here!

LonelySeaOtter says:

Where do you work?

Trisha’s Nugget says:

Oh my god random but you’re so beautiful! Thanks for the review it’s very helpful

Sasha says:

Where do you get your eyelash extensions? Looking to get mine done here in Miami…

Chicprofessor says:

This is a great comparison! I didn't know they were discontinuing the newer model of the pochette accessoires! It is such a great piece and a real shame that they're getting rid of it but I agree with the other comment, I'm sure they didn't like people being able to buy it and use it as a bag instead of an slg. I love it as a bag! It's a great SLG for travelling as well, but I mostly love it as a crossbody bag. The pochette accessoires is a bit too small for me since I have other pouches I use as keepalls in my bag. I also don't love that the chain doesn't detach. Thanks for sharing!

CarlaE McB says:

I loved this video, very helpful. You always look so pretty girl! Love your hair. 🌺

Laura Leigh says:

Hi, great comparison!😊❤️ I have two of each, both monogram and Damier Ebene. I really enjoy each, and use the mini in my bag daily for lipstick, compact, etc. I especially appreciate the PA when traveling, when I use it in my neverfull as a catch all, then as a small handbag later. My daughter has the PA and uses it as her handbag every day. I have a question, my monogram mini pochette is one from the Christmas illustration line 2017. This is my only piece that has an illustration on it, and I’ve been hesitant to use it, fearing the picture may be damaged. Is there a danger of chipping, like I’ve heard? Are they fragile?

badetht198422 says:

I think your Damier pochette is technically the Navona. It’s a great piece. 😊 love your videos!

Charm313 says:

I have a theory on why the Pochette was discontinued. They will redesign – add more compartmentalization, a longer strap and then up the price by at least $500 🙂

LouisVuittonCoffeeLver says:

I like your pockets I've never seem one like it before

Lee Lee LV says:

Yassss girl I just picked up the Pochette accessories from a seller in the lv addicted group brand new in monogram because it’s being discontinued and yes I was gonna say that’s not the Pochette accessories the Damier ebene PA is already discontinued and off the website they are discontinuing any bags or small bags under $1,000 great bag though it’s an older model so you know I love it !

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