Louis Vuitton PM Agenda Review!

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Monique D says:

do you put sugar in your tea? I know, random Q but you did mention tea and
I am trying to like tea w/o sugar but its so hard. 

Sarah K says:

curious why you prefer paper agendas over a planning app? Also, you MUST
do the Rose Gold video from your video idea list 

Melinda Ostrander-Aviles says:

Sorry to hear your brother passed away. Thanks for sharing your life and
your planner.

Traci Silloway says:

Glad this works for you. I could NOT function with it…I often kid my
husband if something happened to my Erin Condren we would be lost for the
rest of the year!

Lisa Wade says:

They make magnet sheets that you can run through your printer. I like to
take special stickers and stick them to a magnet sheet then trim them. You
could turn those special stickers into magnets for your fridge,
washer/dryer, or file cabinet. btw, after pulling out your brother’s
picture, you seemed very teary the rest of the video. Or very tired. Get
some rest and feel better. :-)

Breanna R. Del Toro says:

dark chocolate brown is much more rich looking….yes -yes it is, lol!

Cristine Calvanico says:

This is SUCH a gorgeous planner. My goal is to own an LV one someday. 

Tina Hartley says:

Just bought this planner in the monogram print! I’m so excited, but also a
little nervous that it’s too small. A few questions – why did you pick the
weekly pages over the daily pages? Where do you store your future pages
when not using them in the PM? Do you pull the pages out to write on them,
or is it easy enough to write on them while inside the agenda? Thanks so
much! Love your You Tube videos!

imahappycat says:

Hi! I use a planner about the size of yours. I work all day and only need a
place to write appt. I don’t need to plan when I do laundry etc. love your

Esti Suz says:

Such a pretty planner! Where did you get your X ring? It’s so cute!! Great

jordanasultanaaa says:

Argh only fits 3-4 months of inserts… I just can’t even! That makes my
toes tingle D: 

tybelle says:

I just ordered my first PM agenda yesterday along with the Louis Vuitton
inserts. I’m very nervous because I’m downsizing from a Kate Spade agenda.
Thanks for the video. It was very helpful. :-)

Eva Feng says:

You look like dr Arizona robins :)

Pretty Shiny Sparkly says:

Planner time! Louis Vuitton Agenda PM review & walkthrough!

Jocelyn Kelley says:

I LOVE your videos! Keep ’em coming!
(Just bought the Filofax Patent Nude Personal planner after watching your
video from this summer)

Amy Marie says:

I love your new intro so much! Makes me so happy every time I click on one
of your videos. Definitely very Harry Potterish!

P.S Can’t wait for your next vlog and hopefully your work hours aren’t
killing you too much :)

Hungarian LVGirl says:

Beautiful agenda! I have the “Mon monogram” agenda PM since november 2014
and i absolutely love it. I have picked the yellow and purple combination
🙂 For now i have the filofax papers in it…maybe for 2016 i will buy the
LV refills.

Deanne Lanoue says:

Love LV. When I have my handbag with me it makes me want to sing and dance
like Bling Crosby. 

Ashley Danielle Ryan says:

It’s so tiny. I don’t think I could work with that. I personally use the
ARC system and get pretty pages customized for me from Etsy. It gets
addicting, like Arts & Crafts. I now even have all kinds of cleaning
schedules and shopping list!!! So unnecessary!!! Lol

To get really pretty colors and card stock you do have to invest in certain
expensive equipment but you have it for years to come and you can really
customize it and give it as gifts. 

ItsOnlyWarPaint says:

He was a handsome young man :)

ande kaeo says:

thank you for the review! You must be a new Doctor as I can still read your
really nice hand writing! JK. Would love to see your set up of your other
planner for work. I have the same planner and I love it (I also keep a
separate one at work).

Ann Margaret St. Clair says:

What was the defect with the monogrammed one?

Alexandra Alvarez says:

Can you let me know where I could purchase/find a pen that would fit in the
agenda loop? Thanks! xo Alexandra 

Christy Perry says:

Good morning from a fellow Houstonian! I got the monogram pm agenda for
Christmas. Obsessed!! Needed something to carry in any purse. I use Filofax
inserts and made my own dividers with post it removable tabs. There are so
many helpful planner videos on you tube!

Elle Blair says:

I would love to see a video about your journey to medicine, as I will begin
my premed major (biology) this fall. Also, how to live, afford things,
afford to eat(lol) in med school. Did you work through school, etc? Im a
new subscriber as of yesterday! 

Alexa S says:

I love my pocket filofax, so I could see using the Loius Vitton as well. I
also use a personal size, but found it too big to carry around with me. 

xlifeatitsbest says:

love your channel and love that you’re a resident! so inspirational as a
college student. you’re an awesome role model. XO

Beauty Psycho says:

Very cute planners but one would have been enough! Also, did you buy 2014
LV inserts just to use for november and december and throw them away? Wow
what a waste! 

Courtney Draayer says:

Yes please to the work/blog planner! I’m a student, so I have a massive
to-do list everyday, so I can’t use a tiny little planner *much to my
chagrin*. Now I’m curious since you’ve teased it. 🙂 

Caitlin Sullivan says:

Love your videos! I also use a larger agenda to brain dump (LV agenda GM)
to my smaller LV agenda PM. 

Loolootoo says:

I wish I’d have known they give the inserts away at the end of the year has
to wait until 2015 to use mine
Don’t think I will re purchase the inserts next year though as the paper is
a bit thin for me….love your videos KMB…

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