Louis Vuitton Petit Noe Review

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Hey everyone!! This is a review of my new (to me) Louis Vuitton Petit Noe in Monogram Canvas. Love this bag!!
Please leave me any questions, comments or suggestions 🙂
Instagram- LouisVuittonCoffeeLver

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Felicia Loh says:

My LV PETIT NOE have cracks on the bidding. Leathers are still in good condition n dont understand why it crack. Do u think this is LV fault or we need to pay for the repair.

Pat Cannedy says:

Hi: I just received mine from EBAY/Japan! Mine is ‘93, and in such a great shape! Love the style!

Jackie L. says:

How much are this bags going for now2017?

Denise Ortiz says:

How tall are you?

Denise Ortiz says:

Do you like you petite or your gm better?

babyyvie says:

I clean and condition these bags. Check me out! Designer Bag Lady on YouTube!

babyyvie says:

"My husband would shit his pants"…LMAO! I feel you 😂

Jennifer l c g says:

I want this bag soooo bad…….

Luna042682 says:

i so want one i just saw a preloved one but i am sure its gonna cost too much but yeah i did ask for the price

Ciel_ Ping says:

So beautiful bag!
Suddenly l want to have Petit Noe

VR Mom of Four says:

I finally bought one, petite Noe. Your video & IG inspired me. It's a 2010!! I had one & sold it months ago which I have regretted. Thank you!!!

AfricanBeautyyyy says:

How much did you pay for the pre loved bag?

Veronica Reyna says:

I follow you on IG & now I follow you here. I just read you are in Austin!!! Love it! I'm in Austin!!!! I am working on getting one again. I had one as my first LV which I got back about 4 months ago. I sold it & used money towards Speedy b 35. But I miss it. But I cannot spend a lot, as you mentioned because I have a Delightful MM (older model, cause I like better) & NF GM. May I ask which ebay seller you used?

mb lvoe says:

great video – -considering a P.Noe

Lynne B says:

Your videos are great. I love what I can see of your tattoos. In one of your vids u mention your artist is in Florida so I was wondering if he's in Sanford at InkInk? I just got my first one this week from Deacon & it looks great.

Stephanie Crook says:

I love this style noe I have the newer one with the strip at the bottom I don't like that I wish they sold this one 😭😭

MsButterfli says:

awesome! just got my preloved baby today and I'm in love too lol. my string was ….a step over deaths door lol. so i read around how some folks went to the sporting goods store and got a lace they use to relace catchers mitts. found one close enough to my bags patina and bam! new string for the amazing price of $4.99!! sorry for the long post but its definitely a cheaper option than the LV store lol. enjoy your Noé!!

Renewed Gal says:

Im thinking of buying one again. I sold my noe nm a few months back. I think I'm loving the old style than the new model. thanks for sharing..

leatherforever01 says:

GORGEOUS! I love it!! Stunning bag xx

Diana Lee says:

Great video! Can you provide the video link on how to tie the string?

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