Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM Unboxing Haul

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Yay for Christmas money! So happy I finally bought this bag! Thumbs up for a ‘What’s in my bag” See pictures and more!: http://www.kaylalashae.com/fashion/lo…

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Juke Box says:

One of my favourite brands is Anya Hindmarch, she’s a british designer but her bags are always so classic, beautiful and practical. Check her out! <3

akaydoll says:

Awesome! So happy I could be of help to you! I think im going to have to take a look at Hermes! You’ve interested me.

xChicbeauty says:

Love the bag! I’m a huge fan of LV!

Gina Elizabeth says:

Just bought it yesterday from Tysons Galleria. Thanks for the review! 🙂

Oscar Arzate says:

dunno how i got here.
nice bag btw =)

jeaniebeauty eo says:

My favorite brand is Marc by Marc Jacobs 🙂

africadunn1 says:

My fav is LV, Coach, and Michael Kor

Jessie xo says:

Bag Collection!!! PLEASE!


This bag i SOO expensive, i don’t know how all of the comments are saying they’re gonna buy it omg

gabby reagoso says:

You live in washington

Mr420lolife says:

Did anybody else notice her say this bag in this really big box lol I think you mean this box in this really big bag

ijuicee15 says:

I really love this bag, forever now. I want it for classes, do u think the straps are strong enough for heavy books?

akaydoll says:

I suggest trying it on in stores!! To me the size is a huge difference!

DroptheLazer says:

I love the classic tote shape. My current favorite purse is my Dooney & Bourke’s Davis Tassel Shopper. Great everyday bag!

fitjock1 says:

hi kayla, i can see you with the matching sarah wallet…

amalqsy1 says:

Do a bag collection pleaseeeee

LoveStarxoxo says:

My favorite bags are LV , Gucci & balenciaga!!!!

Jihanemo says:

Love, love, LOVE! 🙂 Enjoy!

MsYm22 says:

I am definitely getting this….wasn’t sure if I should get the Speedy 35 of the neverfull! BUT school this bag would be perfect! I cant wait, it’ll be my first Louis!! 🙂 great video! Love your channel.

Monique Black says:

I can’t decided between the MM or the GM :'(

DARKPurpleNailPolish says:

Love the bag; which is strange because I’m not the biggest fan of big bags. But on another note, where did you get your sweater? It’s adorable! Subscribed. ♥ C:

akaydoll says:

Hahaha thank you! Big bags are my fave too!

MoneyLoveMakeup says:

i was sooo happy to see you got the gm! everyone has the mm but im more of a big bag person. sooo glad im not the only one! 

PoshWife0809 says:

Love it! I am subbing specifically for your handbag hauls : ) I am a major LV fan; also Tory Burch!

Thanks for sharing your bag with us! I am a little indecisive about the Damier Ebene or the Monogram print too! I think I am going to purchase the monogram for myself and the Damier Ebene to use as a diaper bag!

L Reed says:

My mom asked me what I wanted for my graduation present and I’m leaning towards the Speedy 30 Bandouliere in the Damier Ebene canvas. I love to use my Neverfull for school though. I think the speedy Bandouliere will be my bag for summertime.

Rachel S says:

I love purses! 🙂 I have so many purses. I love Coach and LV! You should make a purse Collection video. 😀

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