Louis Vuitton Montaigne GM Handbag & Extras (Anniversary Gift)

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SevenDaysofStyle says:

Happy Anniversary, I’ve been watching you for years and how sweet it is to
see you as a Mommy! I think you guys are just the cutest couple and Graham
is the sweetest little boy:-). Hugs to you and your whole family, hope they
are all doing well. Xoxoxo

LisaLisaD1 says:

This is sweet! You keep that bag–he wanted you to have it!! Enjoy it!
xoxo Lisa

Style Cherub says:

I never liked LV cause it always felt so plastic too me, but oh boy this
Brian do a good job !! I absolutely love them both ! You go and rock that
handbag, Lorraine. Be proud of it, the purse & what a lovely Hubby you have
🙂 Happy Anniversary !

Nadia Ifzal says:

I’m at the granny pants stage and I’m loving it!

MonBon211 says:

Ok now I just want to know how much the two items were. Not to be rude but
when you go on about how expensive is….! Lol gotta know now. Anyone know
the prices? Just curious ;)

DailyAnni says:

its time to be a milf now, HAHAHAHAHAHA .

ttsandra says:

*heart palpitations* that bag is gorgeous. happy anniversary!! :)

Cindy Diaz says:

The items are beautiful, he did a great job! Excellent taste!

MissCrystal says:

You are too cute with the bag! Good job Brian! Happy Anniversary! xo

Jewel3482 says:

That’s the sweetest thing ever. He’s a keeper Lorraine. You have a
beautiful family. 

mcgaugh57 says:

Been watching you since you were a party girl 🙂 Now you have matured so
much you deserve hand bag.

NicoleShayeMakeup says:

WOW! Brian did incredibly well, both pieces are amazing! I’m a sucker for
LV & love the look of that leather. Happy Anniversary to both of you! Now
you need to do a what’s in my purse with your new bag! ;o)

MyAriaWeb says:

Happy anniversary! Well done Brian! oh my.. this little boy
is absolutely gorgeous!!! xoxo

Lanaseattle says:

um… oh my god … Brian. You seriously have the best taste ! Happy
anniversary U guys xox

buggie782 says:

Great job, Brian! LOVE it! KEEP it! 

uppereastsidegirle says:

awww he did such a good job! beautiful bag:) xo

my linh Pham says:

Aw, happy anniversary! 🙂 you look amazing 

JemJemR says:

Bless you!! What lovely presents 🙂 xx

LekiaLPTBeauty says:

That purse is gorgeous!! 

alfiedoes says:

Congrats !!! Happy Anniversary! Totes to Brian for giving you great giving
gifts! He is reminding you are not only a mommy, but a great wife, classy
and sexy ! 

mabeliita says:

Your husband is so considerate, what a great gift!

mghns84 says:

Brian has great taste!

princesskaideka says:

Love it all ,great presents xx

Mizz Happy Pants says:

Spoiled wife Happy Life Great Job Brian I will say he is paid up for a long
ass time LOL

Tiffany K says:

Happy anniversary

Martina Campbell says:

Happy Anniversary to you both xxxx 

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